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Sunday, December 5, 2010

WIP HGUC 1/144 Sinanju - 70% done, well yeah.

1 step at a time, that's what I always did no matter what.

1st up, from previous post about lower shoulder areas, done with the sanding, painted with gray gundam marker.

The same problem like in MG, monoeye cannot be seen if snap fit all the parts for the head. So, just like the MG counterpart, I've mod just abit on 2 areas:

The faceplate must be clear abit for the eye to be seen.

& the helmet must be sand until ya can see the eye.

Sorry for the dark pics, but this how it should look like when done correctly. =)

Now, to the part where Tsuki mention in Facebook, OK that's really big gap, cement it 3 times already still can see it...I don't know how many times already I've cement>sand>cement>sand already....

Very tiring part indeed....

But, I manage to do it though ~

Last minute top coat after rain (& it's sunny bright again yay~) on the parts where emblems are in together 1st.

Mitte ! Visible monoeye is epic.

Ops, blurred pic, my bad..but that's not what I wanted to show actually...I was aiming at the shoulders.

To be honest, IT STILL VISIBLE AFTER TOP COAT. Ugu...semi-fail this time...

& another semi-fail moments.

The black contrast on the shield (top, area with emblem) has 2 tone of black...Ugh... Rush job indeed pain to my @ss...>.<"



Tsukinari said...

Thanks for trying on that seams.. I have kinda same idea with what u did.. but.. the problem is both shoulder joint and shoulder armor is going to be painted.. I had no idea how to solve this before painting >_<...

Unless I completely leave the gap there.. uguuuu

Zoidiect Archaea said...

looks like better use putty to that seam...now that you're not painting, seems that's a pretty good work :D

@tsuki paint joint first, assemble, mask joint, then paint

Tsukinari said...

@ZoiDiect - Damn it! you'r my hero!! never thought that XD.. thanks a bunch!

Anonymous said...

great job! ...i dont think i will even try to remove the seam line on the shoulder XD