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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Another MC Model product.

Yesh another MC model get into my palms ~

This time round.....

It's 1 hell of a huge SD kit that never been release from Bandai.

Brilliant idea on the box packaging. So let's take a look on the contents.

Manual book. Oh wow, it makes me so eager to fix this beast.

Oh freebie ~ I RIKE FREEBIE ~

A nice pouch with insignia of Char's MS unit.

Plus, a Neo Zeon logo.

Now, to the runners. As always, I fear this kit would have the massive flaws just like the old times' bootleg kit...err wait, I did mention that Bandai never release this kit before right ? So bootleg would sounds wrong to it..^^"

Anyway, let's take a look on the parts.

Clean. But bad gates. Some of the parts already fell off from the runners, damn. Hope nub marks won't gimme the headache.

Serious details is really serious. I just RIKE it. =D

Again, pointing out the bad gates spotted on some parts.

Amount of details is enormous, enough to take your sweet time to do it.

Too bad, it's not for posing purpose though, more likely like Ver.Ka but more restriction movement. Oh forget to mention, it includes LED for the eye. MONO EYE FTW.


WIP HGGP 1/144 BearGguy - Final touch to perfection.

On the previous post, I did mention that I wanna give a layer of matt coat on it just to cover up those uneven surface of the gold, & I had so much respond from bloggers out there, but just when I was going to top coat it, I remember I bought a can White Pearl Gundam Spray long ago, only been using it a lil' bit.

So I took the risk of frosting. I sprayed it on this Bear2. All frosting are eliminated via Mr.Color Remover, lucky I still have it. ^^

Now, Behold. Pearlish gold bear2.

It brings out the gold's metallic look more.

& my gf keep asking me to give this to her. ^^" Well yeah, she's owner of this bear2 now anyway.

Well this kit surprisingly very nice, might consider getting another 1, for the War Machine theme.


Saturday, February 19, 2011

WIP SD 00 Qan[T] - Still incomplete.

Em yeah, holiday mood, it's certain makes people to get lazy...^^"

But I did some paint jobs, only thing is, its just some minor patch up mistakes...

Painted the gray area. Had to use Gundam Marker Gray as the color is more dark than Mr.Color Neutral Gray, & less hassle handling marker spill-out.

Painted the GNs with Meta-Green Gundam Marker. Looks bad since I didn't gave a layer of silver before applying the meta green.

So yeah, I've taken this job to the usual hangout, Hobby Kingdom. Yes, handling thinner in air-con'd is very lethal, had a bad headache after 40mins+...bad call haha...^^"

But I manage to hand paint the Full Saber into purplelicious color. A very, very quick 1, finish approx 10min, very rushing.

Uneven surface is common already haha... White color on some area is replace with Tamiya's Chrome Silver Marker.

& yeah, got the Full Saber, must have the markings for this weapon...

...& I get for Free. FREE.


Friday, February 4, 2011

Happy Chinese New Year 2011 + current WIP

Gong Xi Fa Cai to all my fellow bloggers & followers ! Although this year's is kinda boring, but let's not think about it hahaha ~

So, did ya guys get y'all angpau ? I bet you're already start to plan what sort of things ya wanna buy right now heheh.

Ok, enough talk, I'll show some work I did these past few weeks.

Keikaku: to mod a SD 00Q[T] with a Full Saber conversion parts for HG 1/144.

& it should look like this. (Pictures taken & cropped from Hobby Japan Feb 2011)

& to make things easier, these are the only parts that needed to be mod.

Great work indeed, it just catch my eyes straight on ! So I'm off to the WIP soon afterward.

Just primed the body 'coz of the backpack merging with the main body permanently.

Followed the instruction for the palm, I mean, oh wow, now I can swap all those Sangokuden's palm anytime already haha ! Those set are from Ryofu's. ^^"

The merged backpack. I hope balance issue won't come out when I'm done with it.