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Sunday, February 20, 2011

WIP HGGP 1/144 BearGguy - Final touch to perfection.

On the previous post, I did mention that I wanna give a layer of matt coat on it just to cover up those uneven surface of the gold, & I had so much respond from bloggers out there, but just when I was going to top coat it, I remember I bought a can White Pearl Gundam Spray long ago, only been using it a lil' bit.

So I took the risk of frosting. I sprayed it on this Bear2. All frosting are eliminated via Mr.Color Remover, lucky I still have it. ^^

Now, Behold. Pearlish gold bear2.

It brings out the gold's metallic look more.

& my gf keep asking me to give this to her. ^^" Well yeah, she's owner of this bear2 now anyway.

Well this kit surprisingly very nice, might consider getting another 1, for the War Machine theme.


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