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Friday, December 31, 2010

Wrappin' up

Well guys, 2010 has been one exciting & challenging years to me. It's time to welcoming the Rabbit's 2011 year in like.........30min hahaha....

I might be sleeping when it does so I'll say it earlier;


& good bye 2010.


Saturday, December 25, 2010

WIP HGUC 1/144 Ex-S - Hell in the box

Merry Christmas everyone ! I'm guessing everyone had their Christmas gift already, well enjoy with ya gifts. ^^"

Anyway, I've been through this kit since the beginning of this week, but only manage to had time to post it today. ^^"

As usual, working on floor is uncomfortable but then, safer from parts disappearance.

Annoying: it hollow shouldn't be closed, so I'ma dig it off.

Now now, wasn't that look better ? More ideas can be inserted here like LEDs. =D Pity I forgot how to wire those up already haha....

Major, I mean really, big & major problem; 70% of this kit really require the seamline removal, REALLY. Look pics above, it's fugly shiet if ya don't seam remove 'em, all of 'em. Oh gawd....

Connectors. Uh oh I seen this as problem already, once snapped there's no way ya can separate it off without leaving white spot marks.

Sanded it. Whew. 3 more sets to go. Uh oh.....

Better start mark 'em up or I'm confuse which is what. Seam line hell level on this kit is really, 90%. Truly not for weak heart gunpla modeler.

SEE !? SEE !? Seam line removal fail on both upper arm parts. YES BOTH HAD THE WHITE LINE. But I think I just cover it up with Dark Blue Gundam Marker from Seed set. Look similar though.

Cement & wait it dry for the next day sanding hours. >.>

Only finished this part for now, because, the blue part shoulder armor itself needs seam removal. Again.

Once again, I'ma tell ya guys who read this, this is not for weak-heart gunpla modeler.


Friday, December 24, 2010

It's Eve !

Yeah, 20 more minutes for the Christmas ~

I would to say Merry Christmas to all my christian friends, & to all my fellow bloggers.

Rock on people.


Sunday, December 19, 2010

Random snapping

No updates on gunpla just yet yeah..^^"

But I had something that might hook ya up.

This is what happen if only 2 of the Cubrick ish different than the rest. ^^"

Owh Mai Saber again Saber.....wait that is so wrong...


Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Loots ~

When we talk about loots, we always think about games, duh, playing RO was very fun, especially ks for the loots ~

But today I'm not talking about those haha lolz !

Our package from Amiami just arrived last weekend, but I only got collect pay up to my friend on Monday, which is;

Uh oh MARI ~~~~~ Gotta take good care of it since this is my self bought besday present hahaha lame.....

Seductive look luring me to open it up, NOT ! Hahaha ~

& the 2nd loot;


My bust stand ~ It's been awhile didn't read any gundam ace mag already, finally own 1 for myself, so let's take a look of it.

Thickness, 3 fingers. WoW.

Epic battles start.

Uh nice jacket eh mate ?

Err...Gyan pen anyone ?

Eco ciel series (sorry I don't the remember the title lolz.) Ebil look on the gundam-like.

Bandishee series. Unicorn ~

Very well drawn comic. I RIKE.

Triggers me to get the...hmmm...another Sleeves.

I like how the Unicorn's visor glows like that.

A trivia for the 3x faster.

F.Frontal : Watashi wa rorikon ou ni naru !!
Angelo : Ou !?

Seiyuu of F.Frontal.

If ya a Zeon fans, or should I say, Char's fans, ya should quit using Google, use Chargle. Bwahahahahah !

Uh oh, WZC is the winner, followed by Hyaku Shiki, Sinanju, Turn A & Guncannon. I RIKE THIS POLL Bwahahahahah !

Seriously I feel like a moron laughing like haha...think fatigue start getting on me already. Time to bed.


Sunday, December 12, 2010

WIP HGUC 1/144 Sinanju - The end.

"Intel has been reported that the proclaimed RED COMET has been appear somewhere in Papar......"

"& a civilian took a picture of it."

Uh oh nice effect yo haha !

Anyway, it has finished ! So like, uh, em, um...I let pictures do some of the talking.

Gloss top coat makes the red more vivid color. I RIKE.

Neutral Gray on the back of the shield, last minutes hand paint it at Hobby Kingdom.

Inner thrusters are painted with Mr. Metal Color Aluminum.

Slap some lens stickers. NAIS ~

So that's conclude in my WIP. Less explanation yeah haha ~


Oh wait did I forgetting something ?


Ah, our GB's theme.


I lol-ed Sousou's kawaii way of sitting. ^^"

Ok I'm done. Now waiting the Bust Stand, YES I DID ORDER IT FOR THE LULZ !

For the meantime, I'ma starting hunting some monster in MHP3RD 1st haha !

An epic picture for the closure.


WIP HGUC 1/144 Sinanju - Another annoying lines + "IT" has arrived...

Ok, whole week didn't post anything, life ate my time.....

Messy area to work with. Only manage to cut from runner & some sanding works at my rent place. >.>

This is the annoying lines, which MG also have this. Gawd...But anyway, I sand it off.

This is the result. Pretty nice now eh ? =D

Another short WIP for Sinanju 'coz of "IT".


Ok, about "IT". It's been many moons I've waiting for this kit, like, last year perhaps ? Ordered it from a friend at Peninsular, life also taken most of his time now, & that's why the package arrived like, almost a year (haha...I don't know man, quite a patient/impatient guy I am, keep asking him when to send etc...^^" Paiseh bro !)

& finally, I have "IT".

UH OH IT'S HGUC EX-S FOR GAWD SAKE ~ & Clores for mouth refresher. =D

A quick peep on inside, hmmm, I see something that wasn't suppose in here...

Eh ? SDs ? /w few missing parts some more. Hmm... omoshiro datto.