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Blogs for gundam fans ~ Even though not that frequent updating, but will try my best to put my blog in better shape ~ ^^ Some of the my gunpla are built according from other sources such as Dengeki Hobby, Hobby Japan & other modeling sites. Feel free to leave comments on my blog, so that I could improve 'em. =)

Monday, February 22, 2010

Sonken, the sangokuden version of GP03S

Try to clearing backlogs before moving to newly-bought kits though. =D

So yeah, BB kit again..haha.. Can't stop enjoying sawing, super glue, sanding & more sanding on this particular kit. & yes, I have 3 Sonken already now. =) 1 is in my gf's possession, 2nd is "adopted" from Edwin, and now, currently building it.

Since I don't like the basic pose, I'ma go for joint mods. Again. ^^;

Test mod #1, arm joint. Big portion had to be cut but later can fix it back using putty. =)

Test mod #2, leg joint. Took quite a while to sand mid section of it, tons of knife scars on the part but still, can be fix. =)

Test mod #3, shoulder armor. I seen the Hobby Japan on how to mod Sousou, & came across this technique, only my job is too sloppy. Well, sanding would fix afterwards. =D

While waiting the superglue to get hard on the joint parts, I go spraying those parts that I've done priming, gave 'em a nice coat of pearl white, but in the pic can't see the actual pearl-ish effect though...

To be continued..........


Friday, February 19, 2010

1/48 Unicorn base get !

Got a call from the bookstore on Wednesday night but it's kinda late 'coz the shop is almost close, so I just wait 'til Friday to get this magazine that comes with nice gift, a Unicorn stand.

Song ar !

I think I should paint at least some of it though.


Thursday, February 18, 2010

Nightmare is over. =)

Whew, spent over 8 hours just continue decal-ling the rest of legs, thrusters pack & boosters.

Siao consume that much time !

But anyway, done it better than didn't done though since this kit alone is quite a challenge to build, plus the time consuming just on decal this monster....is serious job.

Hell, I'm not sure if I'm up to another Ver.Ka decal havoc again.... I think I still can manage Unicorn though..

So anyone wonder why I don't do some dynamic pose, well I did mention about broken parts on previous related post, which the part was the peg joining he waist & upper body. So yeah, no more nice pose could do on it..... TT~TT

Last pic before I'm done with this blackbeast. =) I think I could need a better lighting for this, for a iso mode on a digicam.


Saturday, February 13, 2010

Before the day...

Wish all my readers a happy roaring chinese new year !

Roar towards gunpla ~


Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Hoot of the day

Finally ~~

Unicorn mode & Gotaitei ~

....& not forgetting a tamiya marker.

Haven't tested yet but, XF-56 pretty much like gundam chrome silver to me, & now this X-11 chrome silver, hmmm, must test it 1st to see how bling2 was it. Hehehe......


Mah 1st time handpaint = too bad too suckie.

Was tempted to handpaint myself those details on Tengyoukugai with gold instead of hellish masking, hand was itchy already ~

But the result is, well, not ok for me.

Anyway, I'm glad that I've tried handpaint, which now I know how tough would it be....^^;

So much for my 1st timer. Excess everywhere !! Now how should I clean 'em....using thinner or scratch 'em off...

Well, not forget all those pipes on 1 of the parts, touch up later. =)

& here I was shocked that the picture I took resulting the gold into silver...... Maybe I just seing things differently just now..lolz...


Minor mistake..haiz..

Was masking the verniers the paint it gun metal, but in the process something has gone wrong....

Yes, there's an "addition" line on 1 of the tank now...dang..

I'm not sure to keep it or re-do it again...


Thursday, February 4, 2010

Sinanju's decal is madness !

So, before I start to do another kit HGUC kit, I better off start putting decals on my black Sinanju..=D

1st impression, like anyone who already done it, it's a pure madness ! Not only there's alot of it, some is quite long which unfortunately split to 2 before even stick on the kit...=.="

Haven't clean my table so I'm doing it on the carpet instead.

Although it was hard, but at the same time, it was fun doing it actually. =)

The only parts that are finish putting decal, lolz.

Nice to see that the decal melts onto the parts with the help of Mr. Mark Softer, looks more nicer like this.

Notice that crack ? I don't even have any idea how it happened though...

But on this part, the decal already crack before dipped into the water, luckily it didn't fell off from the decal sheet !

Haiz..too much cracking decals..I'm too suck am I..? =.o;

3 hour has passed & I just used up almost all the 2nd sheet of Sinanju's decal for those white outlines, so this side on the thrusters is the last one to do..

Now now, careful, careful...

Well it's a touchdown for me since I don't need to move it around again & again. ^^;


Tuesday, February 2, 2010

I'm done ~

Continue my build as fast I could now. ^^;

Foil sticker for older HGUC kits can be very annoying since it isn't well cut to fit into some details, for my case, the eyes. So, instead of using stickers, I just paint with gundam marker S-Destiny Zaku Pink. kinda weird after painted it though...hahaha...^^"

30 minutes later....

I'm almost done with the arms & hands ~

Teh old school dry transfer decal. Stick very well on surface, not like some dry transfer on some kit that I own.

Another 2 tone plate color. Geez...

Pardon me for the big big nub marks..^^; Had no substitute color to cover it up.

5 minutes later...

Done !

The only big pipes found on shoulders. Paint 'em with usual gold-silver.

Same goes to the back.

So I'm done with this old kit. Now left Nu HWS & Unicorn NT-D Mode.

Cheers !


Monday, February 1, 2010

Lil' update of EXF Qubeley Mk.II

Ok, ya know EXF, need to be very very careful on cutting the nub (which my case isn't THAT careful), so some pic later on might spot some black nubs, hopefully not too visible though. ^^;

Yesterday just realize that, to avoid any fingerprint on the plated parts, just give a coat of matt or semi gloss would do the trick, like below pics :

OK, compare it with this pic , after top coat is way looks better. =)

Dull yet plated color, nice !