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Monday, June 29, 2009

Test out mod kit

Ok it's been awhile didn't post (Like yeah, a week....)
'Coz I'm abit busy though, but did do some mod using this as reference

Yup, it's the waist mod, using the sangokuden's arm parts as the waist joints. See that green parts inside the body ? I also did on my extra Sousou kit..

There. Cut here & there, slap some superglue & voila ! I have a moveable waist on Sangokuden kits now. =)

Can bend left...

....& right ~

From side view, bend backwards. Doesn't look much different with normal stance. But.....

....it's too obvious when bend forward. =D

So before we continue, commercial break. =)

*adding colors*

This is how it look now.

As you can see, I re-do the whole waist with pla plate, painted it with burn metal gundam marker..

..& this is the lower waist parts.

Haha... Still in early process, so it might look weird now...^^"

Now I need to think of some ideas to continue this kit.....


Friday, June 19, 2009

Delayed post

Since last week I can't post my gunpla works just because the camera was on my 2nd sis....

Just get the camera from her, so gonna do my posting updates ~

1st off, putting clear stickers & dry transfer decals on my MG F91.

As you could see, I still re-assembly the left leg, so it will hanging on the stand without a leg for now. =)

Unavoidable no matter what, dry transfer tends to have air bubbles trapped within the decals...

Gosh lots of work just to make sure it won't tear off my decal..

& yes, those small warning is decals, lots of wasted tapes in the process to make sure it stick on the parts well.

Other angle. Before giving a topcoat it's hard to see the clear sticker on the cockpit, after topcoat it, it's visible now...sheez...

Pipes galore ! Infected by bro Ngee Khiong, I also search up all the pipes to paint...haha~

The most visible pipes, yet concealed under the armor. But it leaves satisfactory feeling after done paint it though. =)

Ah yes some of the readers has been waiting me done painting on this kit, well, I just completed the body (armor still need do some painting & touch up...). So here's Emperor Ryuubi once again... ^^"

I've saw the details on the leg, leaving the hollow just like that. Some how I like how it turns out to be. =)

Side shoulder armors. At 1st I want to follow the RX78-2's shield color scheme, but changed after missing some color, so I just paint it like that but haven't panel line it yet. (Sorry camera didn't zoom well, blurry..>.>")

Wings. I have the similiar stickers like Guan Ping's big sword stickers, so generally my idea is to sticker it on the details & trim it off. But it failed me, the sticker is abit fragile, easily tear off I must say..in the end, paint the detail in gold is my last choice. Haha.....

Adding a golden moustache on the crown dragon. & some weathering effect. quite nice looking now. Heh~


Friday, June 12, 2009

Adding effects to some pictures...

Few minutes ago, while I'm cursing on my Streamyx (WTH, WTF, OMFG etc...) stumble on this particular post from Gordon's blog.

So, I'm also wanna do like he did here. Teehee ~

Ok, pictures below:

Ok, for whom that wonder that site does this awesome effects, go here for more.

Ok, time for sleep now ~~