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Wednesday, October 27, 2010


True what, I ain't lie ok. =)

See for your self, & mah' partner in crime. =)

Headhunter style of course. =)

Sieg Zeon !


Sunday, October 17, 2010


Let's no talk cock-crap & just enjoy the pics, shall we ?

*2 thumbs up*

BB NTD : Hey it's a camera, take my photo !
sb : kacau la lu....
BB NTD : *ignore mode* take my pic take my pic take my pic ~~

BB NTD : Tadaa ~
sb : Tch.....fine.


HG After War - Gundam X WIP #03 Let's Skip the Hassle.

'nuff said, this post is going to be straight fast forward...^^"

So, I just done the rest of the duplicated parts 'til this evening...took so much time detailing & painting before sand the nub marks.

Ok, I find this interesting, so I wanna share some info about. Above pic is just stick on the parts, As you can see, it still flat.

To make good use of this nice bling2 foil stickers, 1st you had to start from the edges of it, do a slow scratch.

The end work. See the dotted all over it ? That's mean you had done it correctly. To be honest, this is quite a stickers to deal with, hope it won't peel up so soon though.

Oh kay the kit done, but I forgot the take some pics on it...

& that time, I was chatting in Floweringnight chatroom about my lame X, & my X saw our chat...

"ONORE KISAMA SB-SAN ! " Ok, I just pissed X.

"SATELLITE CANNON ON" *shrug* *glup*

*receive the power from the moon* *sb rans away....*


sb : ..........................................

Well, that's the end of X's post.....
X : the hell, wanna me blast your mouth ?
sb: .............

Ok, so that's it. X is fixed up & placed in my glass cabinet, time to move on to new kit...kekekeke...


HG After War - Gundam X WIP #02 Getting Lazy

Haha, this kit pretty plain & boring, nothing could makes me on hype to build it....

Nevertheless, must finish this kit before heading to another kit...

3 kinds of cutter used, is it abit over exaggerated ?

Oh boy how I hate duplicate parts...

Wonder when our hobby shop going to restock these cutter, very much like a Tamiya cutter eh.

But, a warning, read. If can't see, look at the pic below.

Yes, if you're a pro if using it. LoLoLz !

Anyway, finished both arms & shoulders.

Other than the body, arms & shoulders is too plain, I don't like...>.>

Next WIP is going to be major skipped. Period. i need it finish fast.


Thursday, October 14, 2010

HG After War - Gundam X WIP #01 Body

Late night post yeah haha ~

So like I mention somewhere, I just finish the body of Gundam X though, but, with colored areas.

'kay, it's late night now, so I just let the pictures tell their stories. =)

Marker used:
Gold - MonAmi Acculiner Metallic Gold (the lame metallic gold lolz)
Gray - Gundam Marker GM12 Gray
Mecha Gray - Gundam Marker GM13 Mecha Gray
Black panel line - Real Touch Marker (black), Sakura Micron 005, Faber Castell 0.1.

Anyway, going to faster up fixing this kit for the upcoming release, X Divider !


A tiny bit of updates.

Well, abit indeed haha...^^"

Currently the only time I could my gunpla was on weekends, to be accurate, saturday night.....

Oh well, that's how life goes...

Messy room still a messy. Need a day to clean 'em up. Yeah that's X, just done body though.

Look what I got here ~ Finish backlogs before this ~


Saturday, October 9, 2010

My spare times with my camera...

Nothing to do, so I just snap whatever I see interesting enough to makes me take pics of em.

Taken from my office's 9th floor lobby, I can see our oldest building, the Atkinson Clock Tower here ~

My male siamese cat also sleep on my blanket, & on the same spot, always..haha..


Try to capture something that is fastest....

So, I see some people learn how to control the lighting via a technique called Exposure, well I don't the right name though, just learn it when playing around with light doodling...^^"

Anyway, I challenge myself to try capture at least few pics of the fastest element on Mother Earth; Lightning.

Good, that day the weather is bad, seen a lot lightning strikes also, good timing !


Ah crap not going to reveal itself, not a problem, I have all the time..


Now it only shows some light performance to me.....patient, patient......


Correction, that straight ain't some meteor from Smallville ok ? ^^"

Another light performance.....

.............10min has passed............

Uh, nice view ~

Finally, 30min later, got another lightning root-like ~

My waist hurt after that, should get some cheap tripod.......


Monday, October 4, 2010

A big thanks !

It's been a while, he had feed us all the latest information needed for me to review whether I'm going to get it or not.............

Now, he's blog is shutting down..........Internet lurk is bored now.......

Sayonara aibo, bro Ngee Khiong, going to miss ur blog bro.


Saturday, October 2, 2010

Reminiscence in October.

Wow, time flew very, very quick now. =)

Well, not yet any gunpla related just yet, but I wanna share some thoughts of mine.

A lot of things happens recently, man, I mean, it's a pain when OneManga had to shut down, I know, there's alot other online reading manga site, but yeah, it's 1 of those site that I've categorize as my top site list...

As we all know, Gunota blog had a major role in gunpla news, where, we, gunpla fans will always, I mean everyday, every minutes to check it out what's new what's hot today, until the site announce to be closed, oh god...

Yes, our only local source that had the same role as Gunota, Ngee Khiong also shutting down his blog. Wow, that's alot things happen when I'm not too active in the cyber world to be honest...=3=" Perhaps life asking bro NK's time too much, plus, spammers that make people headache or argue for some mislead information, can't blame it.. Seems like we won't have any update news in gunpla, translated in English...well, that's life is.

& just now, read up a post that my friend tagged me on, about Eclipse sub also going to shutdown as well, WTF ! That's mean no more high quality subs in future to comes.... Hmmm, can't blame them either, came with an impact, leave with an impact as well... I wonder what will happen in cyber world when everything interesting started to shutting down, thus, internet become the boring place to hang out with...

Anyway, wow, did I just type these wall of words ? Seems like I had some thoughts in my mind after all hahaha.... Well, nothing much new on my side, except that I just complete gluing my Figma BRS broken abdomen joint with some Selleys Multi Grip super glue, a Aussie's product that claims it can glue almost everything, including PVC, although, it says some of it...^^" Seems like my Figma BRS is lucky this time.

Huh, time to do my chores now. Going to post up something later on.