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Sunday, March 22, 2009

Working on kit : MG Sinanju Pt. 5

Try mounted it on a action base, gosh this kit real deal on heavy-ness !
So, I just pose it in standing while on air, which pretty much look much nicer.

Up close for others who want to find the mistakes I did. ;)

Added its rifle & shield. Note that I get lazy on the axes for now. =)

There you have, a nice, elegant yet heavy kit, Mr. Sinanju ~ (LoLz....) Nothing beats a cup of Rainforest tea after doing the kits ~~


A quick build of Rasiel Part.I

Ok, I've been urged by a blogger of mine..gosh !! Haha, almost a week since my last update on UMS event.

Actually I didn't post any 'coz of the Furoku Grade Rasiel that comes with Dengeki Hobby January Issue, so I try to do the simple mod on it, turns out to be....gosh..I need a HG Dynames, HG Virtue & lots of Polycaps 123+.....
So far I only got HG Virtue, was going to buy bootleg HG Dynames, but after seing the price (Rm28.90 !!), I start to think twice now......
So for now, I think I just do small small mod lah, least can move can liao...even though limited..haiz..
Lots of Polycaps 123+ ~~~

The only piece that is painted : The face ~ Looks better than dull white now. =)

So far this much I could do. Now trying to make a hole to put the HG palms.


Sunday, March 15, 2009

Spoiler post ~

Currently no gunpla updates since I'm still tiring and so on...(blah blah...) so I just post something that I read in Newtype April issue...

1st off:
Anew Returner's mobile suit called as Gadessu. Sounds more to ".....desu..".

For people who could read japanese this might interest you guys:
Got covered from episode 23 to 25 ~

& lastly, a poll, hmmmmm....
........Ranka Lee is on 10th...gosh.


The day in Japan Cultural Week, UMS

The poster for the cultural week, taken from Armory One.
p/s : LoLz, the event ended around 11pm already...^^"

~Thanks to Armory One's peeps for inviting me into this event~

How spacious between booth huh ? How I want it like in summer event though...

Great building of UMS, the Dewan Canselor.

Our booth. Still preparing our display gunpla.

Taken with a cosplayer.

Taken with 2 cosplayers.

Food stall !! Great ! Lots of food to eat ~~ The left booth is selling nice japanese cupcakes, the right one is sushi house. 1st time eaten sashimi though, not bad. ~.~

Sushi king's booth. They selling nice bento on that time ~ Oishi nee ~

And when things gone well, weather is disturbing us....

-Few hours later-

Nooooo ~~!! Look how quiet the festival is now... T.T

The reason for quiet booths is on the below pictures:

They do lots of performance (didn't manage take some pictures, 'coz was enjoying watching 'em..^^") Such as para-para dance, cosplaying, and kendo. Wah kendo ! Pity they didn't use the armors which the one wearing it is standing on the middle.....=.="

(So sorry for far away picture...) The master of Kendo showing his swordsmanship by pull out some katana movement, a real katana !!

& That's all for our 1st Japan Cultural Week. Wish they will do this event next year or so.


Friday, March 6, 2009

Working on kit : MG Sinanju Pt. 4

Ok I know it's quite a while I didn't post it up, All thanks to the shield parts..~.~"

Done with painting gold on those needed parts..whew..one tough job finally done..

Neo Zeon emblem. Gosh it's beautiful like this ! But downfall is...can see it's side that I've covered with Faber-Castell Ecco Pigment pen. Nonetheless, it's still a clean & tidy job, self satisfied is more than enough for now. =D

Half done lower parts of Sinanju. That's quite a height for a half done kit O.O !

Thrusters, done spraying 'em all, just enough to finished a can of it. Luckily got spare. ^^

assembled right leg. After all has assembled, it's quite heavy now...was wonder will it hold on Action Base or not...

Left side skirts to build & I almost done with it....

External thrusters for each leg parts also done. Sweet !

.... & also my side skirts, double sweetness !
~~Here he come ~~

"I ish #1 !! Lagann Style !!"

Final comparison between Unicorn & Sinanju. So much differences...

Yeah, now left teh shield, axes, rifle & backpack to build...Currently adding my usual detail color for this kit on the backpack, so it might take a while to quickly finish it.


Hobby Japan April Issue Level Up Column

Saw some interesting scans that I want to share with you all
Yeah, since I also got myself a 0 Raiser this how-to should helps me alot. =D


Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Working on kit : MG Sinanju - OH MY GOSH

Yes & again.... OH MY GOSH !!! I've messed up the shield's RR Red with the gundam marker eraser..gosh...so painful nia, work all weekend for this to happen..huh.. Had to start from scratch again...

Luckily I got myself a light gray primer few weeks ago, so I start to do it again.

All I can do is TT~TT ........

Just now already done masking & re-spray the RR Red, now waiting the paint to dry....

Gosh What A Day !!!