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Monday, August 30, 2010

Malaysia's old money notes.

It's been a while not updating my blog haha...^^" & it's non-gunpla related.

Well, these old notes aren't mine, it's my dearest gf own collection. =)

1st time seen this RM5 notes though.

Up close front.

Up close rear.

Well, these RM5 notes was from 90's & then has been "out of commission because of the fake money happened on the 90's. But I'm not discussing about it, there's something hidden beneath it. Let's check it out.

Hidden thing is on the back. Try look closely.

Now you see the cross....

Now you see no cross, but there's 1 visible dark lines covered it.

At 1st I also not believe it until my gf shows it to me...hahaha...

The infamous RM100 notes. Also the victim of fake money. Quite wide I must say since the last time I seen it when I was still a kiddo.

Well, nothing special about this notes though, only that it's quite rare to see it nowadays.

Only 2 more money notes I haven't seen 'til now;RM20 note & Rm1000 note.


Sunday, August 8, 2010

HG 1/144 Avalanche Exia Dash done.

Well, it's been 3 weeks...

Darn I took so long to build this kit, should build it faster..

Well, what's left is the the swords, so can count as partially done now. ^^"

So overall, I like the extra Avalanche armors very much ! Looks more complete form now ~ But I won't review this kit though, lazy bah ~

Front views of the Elevator. ^^"

Bird view, lolz.

I tell ya, HJ Stole my color scheme ! Look ! My 00/7G was in fact the same as the upcoming release of 00/7G Inspection + AB3...^^"

Regret paint it into Orange....should just paint it into purple=ish blue...

Before close this post, some flying pose of AED (Avanlanche Exia Dash), well, more like hovering around..^^"

So, next would be either Astraea Type F or OYW G-3.


1st week stay at new place.

Well yeah, last 2 weeks of working I drove go to work & home..

From Papar to KK, which is like..40min drive "if not" jam...

But the fact is, it's jam, & guess what, it took me more than an hour just to "escape" from the traffic jam...cannot tahan eh, prolong can die one.

So I've decided to leave my village home (so long my otaku room...TT~TT) & rent a room at Likas, which is way nearer to my workplace now.

& then my 1st week in Likas begins with....

Morning fox rain. Darn so cold !

Look at those mist...

Seeing this, must bath warm water, might catch a cold if not...^^"

The next day, saw something that interests me; neko nyan ~

Those cat are sure has 1 fluffy fur...

& the houseowner has 2 cats, both has a fluffy look ~

Chubby indeed. ^^"

Well this picture taken on my Saturday half day work on 9th floor, which has a nice view around the urban city of KK.

Zoom at the Centre Point, City Parade side though.

Next, zoom at Sutera Harbor. Next time I should take a shot at the shore.

Istana if I'm not mistaken, never been there though..hahaha...

So, that's conclude my 1st week in KK, hope everything is ok though...


Random pictures taken by me.

Ok, busy = checked. Tired = checked...=3="

Oh boy, working for 6 days a week sure does turns me off when I want build gunpla though..

But least, I do some photography practice around me ..^^"

Pic #01 - Blue stripe cup. Look familiar doesn't it ?

Pic #02 - A cocoon. Well, not that Cocoon in MGSPW ok. ^^"

Pic #03 - Cat hides in a shopping bag. =)

Pic #04 - Quiet road at KAC - Asia City.

An aeroplane's jet smoke on higher altitude.

Well, no gunpla on this post hahaha....>.>


Friday, August 6, 2010

It's been a while...

That I didn't updating my blog for the 1st week of August.

Well, working is making my kinda tired everyday, not to mention my bed is just beside my computer...*Attract to bed moar~

So yeah, I try to update this weekends if possible.


Sunday, August 1, 2010

It's August now.

Well, time surely flew quite quick now (Hope time does when in office though hahah...^^"), so that's mean I'll be busy for working.

In other words, my blog won't be so active for the time being. But still, going to update slowly.