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Saturday, January 23, 2016

Dragon Momoko Destiny #2 - The Process Begins.

On to the building process now.

Following the manual book step by step like a good kid now. :3
 One thing I dislike was that, this kit is inflicting fingers aching moments on every single snapfit. Oh yes, every of it. Hafta test fit, then part too tight and stucked, gives another few minutes to take it out, sand the tight pegs, fit it in with slight (and very still) tight.

So today I learn the word suit this kit; TIGHT.

Thursday, January 21, 2016

Dragon Momoko Destiny #1 - The Un-boxing

Good day lads (and ladies), it's been too long I have been active in blogging, now trying to getting use of blogging instead of the easy post picture to Facebook.

Anyway, I just get my hands on these sensational kit;

Front box art, the simple clean DM style.

I'm not so sure about it at first, thinking it might be another resin conversion we seen previously in the web, well now, Dragon Momoko has done it again, in plastic kit !
Before anything else, thanks to Station Wensin for providing me this kit. =)