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Saturday, January 23, 2016

Dragon Momoko Destiny #2 - The Process Begins.

On to the building process now.

Following the manual book step by step like a good kid now. :3
 One thing I dislike was that, this kit is inflicting fingers aching moments on every single snapfit. Oh yes, every of it. Hafta test fit, then part too tight and stucked, gives another few minutes to take it out, sand the tight pegs, fit it in with slight (and very still) tight.

So today I learn the word suit this kit; TIGHT.
Anyways, usually I would just, cut half 45° angle on those pegs, which is a no-no for DM kit.

Can you see the gap widen at the end of that rear head ? Yes, don't do angled peg cutting or you going to ride the FEEL TRAIN with me for it. Total loosen up. :/

Overall snapfitting for the head; weird and tight, everything falls apart when you put the PC joint, the face and the gray-side-vulcan part, and when sandwhich it up, pooof, head camera falls out, Pffft.

Though, this still amazes me. Nip out the nubmarks and sand it, you get a clean part just like that. easy. >.<

Also, every of those pegs that are moving, all sanded to "just tight nicely". Fingers screaming while fits 'em up.

tired of sanding every of those pegs ? No worries, here come the sharp knife come in handy.

Just Agak-agak (Approx) and slide carefully, not to cut much or loosen too much, then blame your own. 

As you can see, it took me......an hour previously, and an hour to reach here, well, I'm being a very careful to build this.

And so, my session end upon done putting up the torso parts. A quick heads-up, the parts that hangs the blue part is easily pop up, and since its just sliding up and down, you could superglue the tiny gray parts beneath it just so that it doesn't pops off. And remember, small drop is enough. Else it glues every behind (and blame yourself). *evil laugh*
Have fun building guys !


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john said...

where i can get sanding tools like that in here KK?