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Friday, January 29, 2016

Dragon Momoko Destiny #3 - Third Party's Wrath

Proceed on building.

Finished building the body.

And the waist.

While fixing the front skirt, another casualty; broke one of the pegs that connects the gray parts to it, resulting in using super glue hahah.....

Overall, skirt alone looks badass !

And underneath it has some details as well.

Look how sharp the edges are, really sharp.

Now proceed into fixing the arm.

Not get use of this style, but it does gives another impact on posing the arms.

Oh lookie, sharp fingertip, another badass feature.

Shoulder part. As usual I would cut all the parts first, clean it and sand it then fix it up.

Done sand all it, took another 30min to do so as I'm a slow builder now, enjoy as much as possible.

See the round on that red part ? Yes another sinkhole spotted. It seems that leaving this kit alone unpainted won't do any justice, gotta putty it up and get it airbrush.

And......finally a mistake. While the manual give instruct to that every part has hold on to something, I improvise; trim it up and super glue it, mistake solved.

Oh my oh my I almost broke this part up ! Darn it was so thin that a light pressing on it easily gives stress mark and potentially break it into two piece. So be careful on this area.

The simple build on leg, nothing much to complain except stress mark on the joint area, but then the armor cover it up, so not a problem.


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