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Sunday, December 27, 2009

1 Winged Koumei

Well, Christmas has past 2 days ago, some pleasant and some not, but yeah, glad celebrate it along with my family & my dearest~ ^^

Ok, delayed project always delayed, just finish some today morning, still alot parts to be mask'd & painted/sprayed but the kit is taking a nice shape now. =)

Borrow the right palm from ReGz version of it. It just look nice with it. ^^;

Sorry for the flash, my room happen to be so dim light. ^^"

Pictures without flash. It look so dark in computer compare to in camera...X(

The HWS Koumei Hi Nu. why there isn't any pic like this in the manual ? Haiz..

Well, plain white is not appealing, so I spray some gold color on the details, although my skill is decreasing, so sorry for the bad masking skill... ^^;

Fin funnels. How I wish it was 6 instead of just 2...

For the Hi-Nu fin funnels color, I don't have the right blue, so I had to use the stickers provided...=|

Last but not least, backpack thrusters is painted with gold too.

Yeah, lazy lately. Don't why. Maybe less doing kit I think. But will do some of my on-hold kit like the previous Sousou project here & here.

So, 'til the next post then.


Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Updates on Nu Koumei

Ok, so this past weekend I did some progress on this kit, now taking shape liao ~

Yes, weekends only manage to paint half way (+ - paint frosting....) so yeah, indeed is slow progress...

Ops ! Over drawn the panel line on left skirt. Oh well later will do the cleaning.

Long time didn't use gundam markers, luckily haven't dried yet ^^; That red color was using S-Destiny marker set, quite thick for 2 layers only.

Half way OOB kit. Much more nice like this ~~~

Kawaii desu nee !

Ok, for this kit, i'll go for original colors for Nu / Hi-Nu color scheme, so far the plan goes well. Hopefully frosting won't happen much when spraying though...=.=;


Friday, December 11, 2009

The day before pc fair...

Walan....going to get busy these weekends..(sigh...)

Exhibitor's card.

Now it's empty...............

And all other booths is empty.....

......& fill it up ! Gosh. I hope it won't be that tough....


Thursday, December 10, 2009

A very, very, very late updates

Ok, 1stly, sorry guys for not able to keep up for updating my blog nor my progress on recent kit (hell, going to join pc fair this week. sucky...). But well, I did make some progress on it involving painting only (Lolz lazy bump), but better than nothing eh ?

So here it is. Why I did on floor ? Because I'm worried for falling + missing parts again & again. So, do on the floor is my answer, although it is very unconfortable to bend while working on it...^^;

Messy floor.

Few "months" ago I bought a can Mr.Hobby gold from local hobby shop, which is by my color standard quality, is nicer than Tamiya's. So, I use 'em on the helm 1st.

Can't stop stare how bling2 is the gold was ~ ~ ~

Next. See how crappy my masking job was, Very terrible. Felt wanted to dropped this but somehow got motivated again. Well yeah, few months haven't did any gunplas, what can I say...(you lazy mah..)

Crappy masking job + crappy panel lining = still acceptable to me. No choice. Haiz...

Ok now the skirt. 1 thing i don't like on it was the side skirts is too short, way shorter than front skirt. WTF ! Nevermind, I'll fix it when got time, just maybe (finger cross...^^;)

But yeah, the gold is very bling2. Haha ~ ~ ~ Seems like going to buy another can or 2 later.

Shoulder armor. So dang plain without color, so I use the Tamiya's gun metal spray can to do the paint job. The result was nice, no strip paint (unlike what I did on my Sinanju, totally epic failed....) & the paint stick on it very well. ^^

Upper shoulder armor was 1 of the problem I've encounter before I started this work. it can't slit in just like that since the groove isn't straight. But luckily did manage to find the solution, although it still kinda risky. I'll show it on the next updates.

See something missing here ? ^^"

Ok that's all folks. I try ganbate myself to keep up to date with this kit.