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Monday, September 29, 2008

One funny "thing" on Seed Frame Astray

ON October issue of Dengeki Hobby, there's a new MS appear in the end of Chapter #11.

& it's too obvious to tell what MS is.Lowe with his Red Frame wrapped to be Black Frame.

Hahahahahaha, what a lame idea it is ~!

Monday, September 22, 2008

WIP : Zhao Yun without Hieisen part I

Today's kit I'm working is Zhao Yun from Sangokuden series.

As usual, I start from cement the parts that needed to be snap together.

The cemented hair piece. Just sand it nicely so that it looks better like this.

Herm, got myself a problem, how I'm going to cover this area, with only using art knife ? Well my solutions is either put a piece of pla plates or just use the crap sticker instead, both will cover it up nicely. =)

Now, spraying the "Wind" lance & "Hill" lance.

Ok I'm not quite use to in dealing a chrome color as base coat. So I give it a try, looks nice now although the surface not that even (oh gosh..). ^^"

The tip that combines either "Wind" or "Hill" lance. Just gave a coat of clear orange then clear yellow. Looks way differ than the helm's V-fin. Refer to picture below

A coat of heavy clear orange than a layer of clear yellow. I Thought I make a huge mistake, but end up saying "Hey, not bad after all." haha, oh well, if really doesn't go well, I could just use good-ol Gundam Marker to hide my mistakes. Hehe ^^"

Another angle of it. Can see how rough is the surface now. But it's just good for a gundam marker user like me. =)

Now I'm undergo with this kit for a while, so be seing ya guys !


Tuesday, September 16, 2008

WIP Guan Ping : Almost done.

OK, pictures says it all. I use Gundam Marker most on the part, & it's not getting pretty flat now, can see the color which not flat enough... :(

Oh well, least looks good & I'm happy can liao. :)


Friday, September 5, 2008

re-WIP : Sousou redo colors.

Now this kit is alive !! After a few series re-color red & gold spray frenzy-ness....=.=;

Body's gold color was spray color whilst the waist's gold is gundam marker. Big Gap of quality difference indeed. (But don't care about it though...=D )

Gold color on cape is my gf's idea, & she help to color that. =)

Now I'm short of Xiahou Yuan to complete Caocao's party. =)

OK, currently was help my nephew do his NG 1/100 Astray RF. The last Astray in my collection since I got BF 2nd L & GF Amatsu Mina Custom. Cheers !

WIP : Re-Gz Kou Ming = half done. =D

Ok ok I already delayed this post/kit quite a while, but now it is done liao ! Well, almost, least can see end result already. XD

Haven't decide how to color the leg part, so I leave it blank like that 1st.

See the meta-violet not as bright as the body side ? It's because the tip of my marker is harden & color won't flow in....TT~TT But worry not, hand brush technique always helpful in this problem(s). =)

Didn't go clean the excess...yet. =0

Now left uncolored was the legs & his Bakuouki/Bakuousen.

Side of my gf's collections.

Note that Zeong & Hyaku Shiki isn't suppose belong into this picture. XD

Take this pic a while ago.

Qubeley is her favourite kit though. Might get her a MG Qubeley since she own HGUC EXF Qubeley already. :)

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

WIP done : MG Shin Musha

Finally I finish this wonderful kit ~

Only left is decal-ling the weapons with clear stickers, which I'm abit lazy for a moment (Heh ~)

Comparing heights between Turn A & Musha, Turn A still higher abit even though I pose Mr.Mustache in walking pose (O.O !)




Using water been very useful when handling clear stickers & dry transfer decals, all thanks for the info from Hobby Japan & Dengeki Hobby magazine. (^^)

I still remember shoulder armor got a big gap to close, instead close 'em up, I sand bit to make a panel line then put gold color for my own touch up details. No need cement already ~

Pics with weapons:





More other pic but still this kit:




Closing this post with final pic:


Ok, that's wrap up my post for this kit. Now back to WIP Sangoku kits.