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Sunday, January 31, 2010

EXF Version

So, I decide to build my HGUC EXF Qubeley Mk.II instead. Bought it along with HGUC EXF Qubeley almost 2 years ago. ^^;

How I wish it wasn't EXF version, hate those nub marks...

Ok, out-of-the-box:

Well, I like the meta-dark blue though, quite nice actually, can see abit sparkling if look closer.

Identical parts. Meta-blue vs. gloss black. haha.... It's been years Bandai get so lazy to color the runner fully. ^^;

But why this runner has color on the back ? Shiet man.......

Bling2 runner, won't see bling this much when I'm done 'coz going to give a nice flat clear on it. Much easier to panel line afterwards. XD

While middle on building the kit, I notice that the color isn't the same ! I mean look at it, 2 different shade color ! Is it some kind of joke ?! It's totally ruined this kit !

After a while I start to slacking again...haha....

So yesterday went to town to get some nice red paint for the Destroy Mode, along with some others.

Tamiya weathering "makeup" to cover up frosting on Sinanju's thrusters. =)

Still much to learn on hand painting by the way...haha..


Thursday, January 28, 2010

Which should I build 1st ?

So yeah, got some backlogs of HGUC haven't build just yet...

Not sure which 1 should build 1st though...


Any suggestion ?


Monday, January 25, 2010

Finally !

OK continue. Time to paint the emblems with enamel black ~ Haha...still going to read the mag for references on how they paint though.. ^^;

30 Minutes Later...

Whew done paint all the parts now. Feel relieved much now. =)

It's been awhile didn't handpaint using enamel paint though, so that's explain the surface not quite flat..haha...Anyway, time to clean up the excess with a lil' help from Zippo oil. ^^

Tadaa ! Done ! Touch up later on to cover up some area that I've accidentally wiped.

While done painting and start to assemble 'em all, something snap, shiet !! Crap !!

This is the connector that broke......

But luckily still can connect it to the part though..only can't pose much now..X(

Almost done ~~ Few more armors goes black then top coating it !

Next day

Nice weather today, good ! Less to no wind weather also. =)

Time to top coat it outdoor !

After that, let the Sun "roast" them for 10 minutes before taking 'em in for assembly.

Except for boosters, the kit itself is partly done now. So cool !

Never thought could do this fast, I mean within a month. Heh ~

Pity my meta-red gundam marker already dried out, so I just use back the meta-green gundam marker to repaint the mono eye back. Much better look.

Now left is boosters. After that to the next step, decal-ling it !


Friday, January 22, 2010

Less or more troublesome ?

So, continue my cleaning work.

Since today is sunny day, very good for spraying gold / top coat ~

I notice that when using Mr. Paint Remover to remove gundam marker gold, it took quite a while to clean it off, geez..... But after the cleaning process straight to the spraying. Below is fresh done sprayed.Very bling-bling indeed ! But I some sides where the paint didn't reach, so up for another layer ~

Above parts is hand painted with some gold marker, looks good since it was behind those I've sprayed just now, so won't bother to spray it.

The next day, top coating time ~

Much flat gold using Mr.Color clear flat. I like !

I am very happy with the result of it. Heh !

But afterward, this going to be my next nightmare....

Big !%@^!%@ dry transfer decals..... I think I should buy waterslide decals instead since ATS got sale discount on certain things, which includes decals ~ Yeah ~

Last pic.
Thought want to be paint the eye to blue, but the color didn't turn out as I expected it would be... So, returned to meta-green again. Haha....

I should be finished this by the end of the month. Or earlier. Maybe this week. depends how fast I could do.


Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Troublesome oh troublesome...

A very long time didn't update my blog this month..^^;

So, no new gunpla to do, so I just remake my Sinanju instead.

Few weeks ago, when I was tidy up my gunpla, I notice my paint job on Sinanju is scratched & peeled off on some areas, I mean, OMFG ! There's no way I recovered it by simply spray it again, so I decided to just, strip the paint and re-do whole process again.

A very time consuming though...=.="

So I've done strip & re-paint the shield, problem is I ain't using gundam marker gold as it will fade someday sooner, waterslide decals is a no no to this since 1 of the long section of the decal is splits into 3 pieces. Great another troublesome situation. My only hope was on this, foil stickers. Problem is I don't need the black areas, which mean I MUST trim it up...oh my, here it go..
OK, that's just the emblem located on shield, I haven't decided if I want to use foil sticker on the chest's emblem though, or should I ?

See the lower end of the emblem ? That's where I screwed. Dang.

Trouble keep come & come, especially weather. Why ? See below.

Frosting havoc !! But wait, it looks more like.....weathering ? Maybe some weathering touch like silver for scratched effect could cover it up, is it ?

Well, on the shield there isn't much frosting occurred except on some edges,

like there.

Well, hate to admit, even though raining day is good when taking a good long nap/sleep, but it's a no good situation for using hobby spray cans. Shiet.


Friday, January 1, 2010

2010, a New Year

Happy new year 2010 to all my readers !

Wish we all ( including me) have more delightful & pleasant life !

More cheap gunpla please !!