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Blogs for gundam fans ~ Even though not that frequent updating, but will try my best to put my blog in better shape ~ ^^ Some of the my gunpla are built according from other sources such as Dengeki Hobby, Hobby Japan & other modeling sites. Feel free to leave comments on my blog, so that I could improve 'em. =)

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Some random pictures taken..

Well, not too randomI'll say, mainly focus on my cabinet's content lolz ~


I think I screwed on hand painting clear red on the shield though...

Long time no see, Big Boss ! Charming as always haha !

Hadri, mite mite ! Those are the one you're looking for. =)

bd would say "less crowded elevator" on this. ^^"

Mah well develop pup. It knows how to "glare" in front of camera haha....^^"


Packages arrived ~

Went to to post office on Friday, & get what I bought last week ~

1st thought, gosh, heavily dented box, I hope the content is fine.... So tear it up..

o.O" Double A box saved the content in it. Brilliant ! So let's not wait much longer, open the box now ~

YEAH ~ a Limited OYW version of G-3 colored ~ Can't find anywhere in Sabah bah ! Lucky got this person from Lowyat named tymestms did sell some limited kit. Best of all, I got my G-3 for a good price ~

Can't wait to build it !


Hoot of the week.

Got myself a new BAKUC cutter & Avalanche Exia Dash yeah ~

Thick box is always a + to me. =)

6 runners including the PC. And it's bigger runners as well.

Warning : If you are not pro enough, don't get this cutter..^^" Seems like the message they tried to tell us is kinda...confusing...haha...

Hehe....revealing the thing I've been waiting for ~

Haha...^^.. Pictures taken by my gf while I'm fixing my kit ~ She's learning in photography also, good good ~


Tuesday, July 20, 2010

BB Tenshiho Sazabi - Apocalyse !

Finally ~

Done hand painting this awesome kit ~ Actually, still haven't paint few parts left. ^^"

~Front view~

Uh oh ~ Naisu ~ The meta-green turns out much better ~

~Rear view~

Moar gold, moar red ~

Yep, that's 1 of the unpaint parts, the big sword. I just sprayed it with Tamiya Gun Metal, now looks kewl !

Try to do some pose. Well, seems like I better mod my kit so that it can be mounted onto a stand.

Teh 2nd part unpainted. Actually I think I just paint the chest's red eyes only though.

Comparing my modded kits; Emperor Ryuubi & Tenshiho Sazabi. Which you prefer? ^^

Ok back to the cabinet before display it at Hobby Kingdom soon.


Saturday, July 17, 2010

BB Tenshiho Sazabi - Red & Gold is nice ~

Before start to paint the gold, I was soooo lazy to do it....'coz it's so annoying !

Yes, hand painting is indeed 1 hell of job to do.

But manage to finish it all though.

As I can see, 2 big shoulder armor's gold emblems need some touch up, which I'll doing it later, & paint the Super Black on the left shoulder to finalize it.

Overall, it's cool to see that I finally gonna finish painting a Sangokuden kit !!

Yesh mah' 1st fully painted + modded !


reason for the hiatus few days ago...

Scamyx did it again !

Can't even loads Google, duh.

I think it's time to get a new plan, maybe a broadband stick....& a laptop perhaps.


Tuesday, July 13, 2010

MC Model Gundoom - Firepowered Nu

Finally finish building this kit ~

Too bad the poseability is kinda restricted though, apart having lots of details to deal with.

Anyway, I enjoy building this kit ~

If the funnels won't enough, there's 2 zooks for the kill. RAWR !

So time to put it into my cupboards before top coating it.

Overall, this is 1 huge improvement for a bootleg kit. The surface is rough, thin excess still got on some parts, loose parts on skirts & funnels etc. But since they copied it from a resin kit, so this is a good buy (also good for lazy bump like me who don't want to deal with resin ^^") & I'm satisfied with it. If anyone have doubt about this kit before getting 1, might as well look to my blog 1st. Heh ~


Monday, July 12, 2010

MC Model Gundoom - Epic begins.

'nuff say, let's see the progress so far.

Done the right leg 1st to get the 1st impression on painting the details all over it.

Building the left leg, starting from the foot. All grooves are panel lined with a Gundam Marker panel liner gray FYI.

Thrusters. Well in the manual book the thrusters was silver colored inside & outside, not my liking, so I just paint silver inside, & some gold for the spring-like area. Looks good to me. =)

Joint for the knee also follow some of the color scheme from the manual book, like the red pipes. Thruster on legs also painted just like the backpack's thrusters color scheme.

Reminder for those who own this Gundoom; cut that connector into half for better snap fit, I MEAN IT. It's way too fit to push it in.

& TADAA ~ It finally standing on its own feet !

Side view ~

Rear view ~

Looks cool & weird at the same time.
Cool = The amount of details on it.
Weird = half ass armor piece, like going to show it's "flesh" lolz !

Ah another thrusters ! Gotta paint it tonight later. =)

Few hours later & I had the skirts done for it. Nice ~

Closer view.

Side view. Totally different with the Original version's side skirt.

Rear view. Bad thing was that front & rear skirts is too loose, need to put some UHU glue or few drops of cements on it to make it sturdier.

Behold !

Epic in the making, Double Fin Funnel Weapon System ~

Rear view of the DFFWS.

Now, should I paint the yellow portions on all funnels or change to other color, darker ?