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Blogs for gundam fans ~ Even though not that frequent updating, but will try my best to put my blog in better shape ~ ^^ Some of the my gunpla are built according from other sources such as Dengeki Hobby, Hobby Japan & other modeling sites. Feel free to leave comments on my blog, so that I could improve 'em. =)

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Updates ~

Finally done stripping off those annoying plate gold, in exchange, my gundam marker eraser just dried up because of rubbing those color off...what a waste, but what to do, I don't Mr. Thinner or any alcohol based liquid to do so.

Oh well, important is it was done. ^^

Black Dragon / Armor / ???. I was thinking, instead of gold, I want to add some color that really close to a chinese dragon, what ya all say ? Matt gold, light green, meta-green, meta-red & white with a pearlish finish. Would it look good like that ? Or I try the dragon's color like the picture below

Ok Dijeh is now standing with both its foot on. With a slight miscalculate on right leg's height, & done trimming it to match the same height, now he's ready to be paint. Although the movement is limited, better than stock of course. ^^"

Was trying to make it sit down, but that's mean another skirt mod had to do. So for now just did the lazy bum pose..LoLz. ^^"

Dijeh Punch ! Weird, it doesn't look like he was punching......don't know where I did wrong.

Still remember my long undone Kannei Kampher ? Finally he also going to be mod with simple joint movement, & a layer of translucent blue.

Yes, very simple mod, yet it's still limited movement. Haiz...

Oh well, I try to do it slowly as I'm now undergo some tutorial for photoshop & dreamweaver. Want to make this blog better ~

Edited: Manage to finish the left leg, so this is the result alongside with Ryomou Dijeh. Kannei Kampher pretty much small abit than Dijeh eh.


Tuesday, April 21, 2009

How I hate these plated gold parts....

OK, before I start posting some pictures related to gunpla, I took this picture after 1st wash on plated parts.....

Yes, it's a fat siamese kitty sleepy inside the CD compartment. How come I didn't notice it goes in & slept in it ? LoLz....

Look how confortable she is...gosh..

Ok ok that's should be fine for the opening (LoLz !), right now I'm trying to strip off those annoying plate gold on Emperor Ryuubi, but can't find any guide that could assist me to do so...

These are the parts after 1st 2 hours soaking in bleach + floor cleaner.....

Top part is the back of the gold plate parts, the one that factory didn't bother to spray the plate coats. Below part is the front. How I wish they change it to matt gold instead of plated gold though...

It's quite creepy to see how the detergent used to stripping gold plated color, like infected by some sort of bacteria or something....

On this part, I erase the gold part with the gundam marker eraser, which at the end getting lazy to wipe all 27 plated gold parts...

Well, another tough day to do gunpla, hope all parts are stripped so that I can start seam covering tomorrow....


Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Working on kit : BB Sangokuden Ryomou Dijeh - mod joints

Yeah since last week been searching, study the mod info on here. So let me show I'll going to do it on my jointless kit, Ryomou Dijeh. ^^"
I've cut the runners into some small size & a D-71 double joint for lower joints.

Cement the small sized runners on either side of the D-71's. I did it so that I can determine the angle when puttying into the leg armor.

Let it dry for 2 ~3 hours 1st.

This is the left armor puttied on with the double joints. Try to center it with just pure guessing...haha...hope it was just right on the center...

For the arm joint, I use D-72 medium size joint for this. The male part to insert the ball joint is drilled a hole, super glue it on the joint.

The finished left leg. Still limited pose but, hey, it's HG-fy now ~

This is the limit the joint can do...haha..^^"

Overall. Left right leg then can see the whole kit. Can't wait ~~

The degree of arm joint can do, great ~

The killer pose that I wanted this kit could do, just 1 more part to do then it's complete ~

Gold pipes ! Like bro NK would do, paint it with gold then panel line it with fabel-castell fine tip pen.

Now puttying the right leg....think tomorrow would be finish ~


Monday, April 13, 2009

Sinanju's mod area

Scanned this page for Bro.

Package arrived today ~

Been waiting this to arrive since last week (yeah like, been staring at my handphone for post office's call..LoLz.) and finally it arrived ~~

Yeah ~~

Yippie ~~

*Slapped & smack-downed*


Kay' 'nuff talk crap, as my forum buddies said, " NPNT = No Pic No Talk "

He sent along 2 SD kit, Crossbone X-1 & Crossbone X-2, which, nowhere to be found in Sabah ~ Lucky he got both wor ~
Some might wonder, where's the box ? yeah, to cut cost on shipping, I agreed don't want the box, so only the contents within a box. The X-2 kit is half way assembled, I don't mind, less work to do on this kit. =)

THe X-1, still in plastic wrap ~ Not sure going to build it or not though...Think want to sell it but, who want without box ar, so just let it like that 1st. MG X-1 also eagerly want tear off the plastic now. =D

Now now, "this" in the box. Hmm, bro, no mistake ar, putting lil' figure of Char's Zaku along ? It's too...lil'.

My parts ~ Finally ! No more restricted joints for my Sangokuden kits ! The kit that going to be lab rat is Ryomou Dijeh, since currently "he's" the only jointless kit now.....

What the heck !? Made in China ?! I had all the trouble ordered this straight from Japan, & its from China....gosh...Oh well, I should be thankful, no ? =)

The bonus within the package, another set of thrusters from Otaku.

There's 2 small thing, don't know where & what to use for..Hmm..keep it 1st ar, lazy to think muchie ~

Test fit the thrusters, nice !

Leftover thrusters unused yet. =D

Parts of Dijeh that has been jointless for may moon now. =)

Look how sad it is now.....=(

LoLz for the Lil' Zaku, getting all meany when try to hijack to mask ~~

Well, this is for today. Going to slow down abit this month, huhuhu....^^"


Saturday, April 11, 2009


Woot ! My blog has been viewed more than 10,000 liao ~~

Cheers !!

Cookies on me ~


Saturday, April 4, 2009

Working on kit : MG Sinanju - Revealing monoeye

Finally I did something today after a while dissapearance ^^"

As you can see, I've "make way" to reveal the mono eye, just like in Dengeki Hobby. Result is so great ! Pardon for the dusty kit & blurry pic though...

Up close.

Ok I've found that those I circle in red is interfering with holding the rifle, which always make it fall. What I did was I trim the circled so that the palm's connector & rifle's holder can fit tightly. Try it out.