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Saturday, May 30, 2009

MSN-004 Sazabi Review

This is my 1st time doing a review on gunpla kit. So it might sounds abit lame...heh ~

Sazabi has 4 beam saber parts, 6 clear rods for funnel effects, 2 pairs of palms, a shield & a rifle.

A very normal look of rifle. But in game it wasn't like a rifle, more like shotgun since the beam is scattered.

The shield with a nice Neo Zeon emblem on front.

Check this out, it was trimmed from the clear stickers. The previous owner must be very determine on building this kit very carefully. Although there's a scratch marks on it, but it adds a battle damage feeling on it like that.

Behind the shield; an axe & 3 rockets.

1 side axe beam. Very grunt-ish like Zaku II's main weapon... XD

Big beam axe. Now now, this is more better. =)

2 beam sabers. i wonder where to hide the sabers on Sazabi though...

Here comes Mr. Sazabi. It just look so great !

Side view. The helm is quite attractive with the right proportion of it.

Removed the the upper helm to reveal the moveable mono eye.

Trying to move the eye even though it's kinda stiff abit. But still manage to move to look right....

....& left.

Thrusters. Previous owner did a good job & painting the whole inner thrusters with yellow. Handbrush ftw !

Even this small square on back skirt also handbrushed with yellow.

Next on, funnels. Sazabi has a quite interesting gimmick on its backpack, opening hatch for releasing funnels.

Up close on inside of the hatch. But a few details that I might interested to paint on.

Funnel ~

Stick all 6 funnels on it. If only there's a base to put all the funnels on Sazabi's front, just like 1/100 MG Strike Freedom FBM.

I discovered that the palms has a peg, I didn't realize it until....

I saw an odd hole on the axe's holder. Such improvement on HGUC it is. =D

Now I don't have to worry for the axe to fell off when posing it around. Wee ~~

Some pose I did. Looks unnaturally without action Base #2 though.

Comparison with 1/100 MG Unicorn Unicorn Mode. Look how high, how huge Sazabi is !!

Ok, I'm off to lunch by now. So this is the last picture for Sazabi's review. Until next time~ (hope so...)


Gold color, Silver color & panel lining pen / markers.

Ok, today I'm going to show the markers / pens that has been very helpful in painting / detailing gunpla kits.All the pens / markers I've been using.

Ok, as bro Ngee Khiong telling us how good was the Pilot gold extra fine is, I could only manage to find this at Popular, & best thing is it's also an extra fine tip one, well, 0.8 quite fine to me already.

Very convienant marker, it is. It has both gold & silver color on the same marker, & the fine tip is quite nice, just remeber these marker really need shake well each time use.

For wider area I use these since the tip is quite big, but like the previous marker, this also share the same way, shake well each time use.

Panel lining pens, or should I say art pens ? Nevermind about it. (Heh~)

& lastly, gundam marker S-Destiny gold fine tip, which is, well, not very gold-ish. It's a dark gold color by the way.

So that's it. If anyone trying to find these pens / markers, well I'd provide the pic on how they look like, making life more easier like that....heheh ~


Friday, May 29, 2009

The adopted gunplas.

As seen in Z's blog, I too receive the adopted gunpla kits ~ Yay ~

'Kay, just receive these gunpla kits from Ed's friend at the airport(Thnx man !),one thing I checked was the Sazabi. ^^

Sazabi is so dang big, almost same height with Unicorn already.. O.O....

'Nuff say crap, here's the pics:

A total of 10 gunpla kits including that HGUC Sazabi. Spot which is my Sangokuden here ? ^^

Comparison on Hyaku Shiki.

Comparison on Blue Destiny.

Ok, time to knock to bed, too tired to do the review tonight, I'll do it tomorrow.

Good night ~~


Thursday, May 28, 2009

A very quick day for a BB kit...

Ok, I've done the Machao joints, next up is Zhou Yu Hyaku Shiki joint mod. This kit has inspire me to do more "brave" mod on it, using a scrapped HGUC kit, which I'm using is the leg joints of Blue Destiny #3.

Ok, picture below shows stock kit. i haven't done anything on it "just yet".

The 2nd picture is after I cut the area for the joints. This is the 1st time I done it within 5 minutes just cutting both arms & leg joint area. (I didn't take pictures of the arm yet...^^")
After 15 minutes~~

It was just like the stock kit now, only thing is it was moveable joints now. =)

Ok, 1 more arm to do & I'm done joints mod for this kit. Very fast indeed.


Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Project build code : Birthday present

Ok, I won't say who's birthday present is, since the kit (Machao & Luxun, not my precious Emperor Ryuubi ^^") Haven't finish quick-mod them, but here's some the pic of finished joint mod of Machao.

Comparison with Emperor Ryuubi's height. Slightly just few mm shorter for Machao. =D

Ok, as you all could see, I just roughly paint the gold to get the look how the detail was. After that, I'll do the touch up to cover up the uneven paint or didn't paint well area.

Ok, this post would be very shrot if just like that, so I up some pic for show.

If looked far abit, you could see 4 pair of eyes staring at you. ^^"

Can you see the glitter effect inside both side of shoulder there ?

Ok, time to paint 'em all ~~~