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Monday, March 29, 2010

Blogger In Draft

well, nothing to do with gunpla on this post... =P

Stumble this attractive setting from other blogger's blog though... But yeah, I can customize teh templates ~ well, still getting used on CSS just yet, but a custom default template would look nice now. =)

So how's my blog now? Looks better right ? You guys should try this out here.


Friday, March 26, 2010

A quick updates.

Well, no review for these 2 yet, but as you can see, done both at the same day. Heh ~

As soon as I done with the Bazooka & shield, goes for a nice flat coat under sunny bright sun.

Looks good & clean. Not sure should I put some bit decals or not. =P

Lastly, overdue Sonken GP03S. The most kelam kabut work, notice alot of scratch marks on some parts. haha...

Well, that's all. Lost motivate to do gunpla for a while now.


Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Say yeah for teh joints ~

Well, few weeks back my friends asked me if there's anything I want to get on HLJ, which that time I was excited 'coz been eye-ing for some "treasures" there, joints !

Yes, I've been craving for more custom joints either from Kotobukiya, Yellow Submarine or perhaps, from Revoltech as well, for my lil' buddy SD kits. Haha I think I'm a psycho-maniac on BB kit liao....

Anyway, placed my order & paid 'em. This week my friend Hadri say "barang suda mari, bila pick up", I was WOW ! Cannot tahan to start a joint mod liao ~ In the meanwhile, saw this poor pinky for a reasonable RM45.50 somewhere around KK, better get it, for mah Rasiel. =) That's mean I got 2 joint mod now. It's like hit 2 birds with a stone.. XD

Well, the missing piece isn't missing, it was to test on a broken figma, see if could fit on it or not..

I ish a happy man.


Finished Bazooka for Sinanju

Sorry no pics while clorox-bathing last night, but anyway it's bored waiting that, so I take pics on the next day, primed & start paint 'em with Tamiya's Gunmetal color.

LoLz it seems like I just massacre a bloody bazooka on scene...^^"

Complete work without the rocket pods at the end of the Bazooka...3.3

Nice metal look, but I don't like the semi-glossy look, after this I gave a layer of matt coat, to match my matt coated Sinanju...heh.

Tall & shortie. Black & white. XD

Added the Rifle's lense for extra range aiming (?). Nice !

Kinda my 3rd time word on resin kit, which the kit itself was better, no broken parts, easy to sand etc. Very satisfy with it although i just do it since yesterday, very quick yo !


Sunday, March 21, 2010

Boring day.

Been a boring day, so I start open up this HGUC HWS Nu Gundam.

"Woot so many parts !!"

Well, tons of parts is turning me down, but still I start do a quick peek on the body 1st.

10 runners excluding the polycaps. Meh that alot.

So, a quick fix on body, realize that the parts is very well detail, especially the collar.

So that's the only part I fix on the HWS Nu & I was turned down by the amount of parts needs to be cut, sand & paint 'em. *sigh....

But anyway, I take out my HGUC Unicorn (Unicorn mode) & started to fix it 'til completed both arms just 1 night. Yeah, kinda take alot of time since I need to paint, panel lining & sanding.

But I notice something hinder at the back of the head.

As you can see, this is the limit it could look up. Meh it's still look forward instead of up. So I sand up the B5 part lower side (Refer to pic below, red circled) & cut away some on inside.

The result is more angle is gained ~~ wee ~

After that, fixing the leg...

& just finish both foot. Gonna continue it tomorrow. =)

Yesterday's hoot, note that 1 BB Unicorn Gundam is my friend's 'coz he's asking 1 as well, & get myself the final version of Shibai, Tenshihou Sazabi a.k.a Nightingale lolz. Can't wait for my custom joints from Hobby Link Japan to arrive, so this kit going to wait a while. hehehe..... Oh & also, a resin part of Sinanju's Bazooka.

Now that I know how to deal with resin kit already, might as well do this soon.


Thursday, March 18, 2010

I'm bored.

Which I should build, hmmm;

HG 00 Gundam + 7 sword

HGUC Unicorn
HGUC Unicorn NT-D

BB Sangokuden Gigatei Sousou set
BB Sangokuden Gogaitei Sonken
BB Genbuso Ryofu Tallgeese

Can't decide which I should build..Herm...

Thursday, March 11, 2010

This week's hoot

Well, got my call from post office to pick up these set of decals & lens.

Aurora lens. So this is what modeler used to change the weapon's lens or Zaku's monoeye huh. Looks neat, will try use on weapon 1st. =)

Decals. Was looking for the down-size Ver.Ka warning decals, but on 2nd thought, I want it look differ than that. So I get a different kind of decals for both Unicorn mode. Blue for Unicorn & Red for NT-D. Should looks better. Hehe... & another thing, no need to get the Dengeki Hobby Feb issue for the sticker since on Hobbies Corner site they had it for sell, & it's waterslide too. Above lens also obtain from the same site. X)

& now, multiple blackholes appears in my wallet now. Causes ? Picture below says it all.

Yay for PSP, can play GvGN+ etc ~ Help my friend to get a 00 7 Sword also, so either 1 is his. Tested the digicam on my previous post, looks way better than I thought. But then, wasn't mine.

Well, catchin' up on Sonken later tonight.


Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Finished MG BF 2nd Revise that wasn't mine. =)

Before that, testing my mom's new digicam, & test subject is water drops from 100+ can.

Nice & clear. =D

Ok to the topic. I've done the MG Blue Frame 2nd Revise for my friend. well yeah, I always wanted to fix this kit (so that won't drool over this kit again haha...^^") & had the chance. well I'm satisfied now, can skip this kit now. =)

For dry transfer decal, the most annoying part was the gatling, all "bengkok-bengkok", not straight enough...haiz...& another is the stickers on orange parts, it's not even ngam2 fit eh ! meh, Bandai start getting lazy ar ?

Next to the kit itself. Teh Blue Frame 2nd Revise. Well, nothing much different with 2nd Lowe though, but who cares.

All I know is that this kit has 2 freakin' hard to pinpoint clear stickers. Yes stickers, not dry transfer / waterslide decals. Meh.

On the manual book it looks so nice, that No.1 Serpent Tail logo & the name, but things get worse because of that bloody lines ! Now look dirty already just because I've tried to flatten all sides...

At least the shoulder part ain't that hard, & again, the bloody lines.

So a knife Schneider ain't look nice if it just in dull gray, so hands are itchy & painted the razor area with Tamiya chrome silver. Now that's a knife !

Well, to conclude this post, I'll say that luckily I didn't bought this kit, & still consider whether to get MG Red Frame Kai or not. Hmm...well just wait & see then.


Monday, March 8, 2010

Part 2 of Sonken

Well, late post 'coz this kit is almost done since last week, boo my lazyness hahaha....

Anyway, Sonken now has completed, left some touch up or so, & paint the transparent blue parts.

Mostly color scheme is followed from the box illustration + abit from my liking style.

Filled the enormous holes on the left palm with the runners cut into small piece, cement it, sand it 'til the surface is flat enough & apply some Tamiya basic putty to cover up small uneven to finish it up. Primer 'em & spray a coat of Tamiya Gun Metal. Cool.

Well, I'm run out of ink for panel lining, all that left was the 0.3, which kinda big, but for this part where there's some paint spill out, yeah it covered 'em all nicely. =)

Shoulder armors, painted & modded.

See the difference ? 1 part has black as base color, 1 doesn't. LoLz. & the putty work also lousy, all thanks to the polycaps inside. Good news is that it can inserted very firmly, unlike the usual C joint mod that I always do.

Helm + fin. Somehow this helm design reminds of old BB Knight gundam though..well maikka ~

Tons of oh-I-forgot-to cover-up at the black visor area, so rough surface. Haha.....(swt)

The weapon. The original version can fold, but in my case, folding weapon means more trouble to paint, so I end up superglue it, now left some putty work to cover the big big line on the blade. Hopefully looks nicely like that....

Speaking of multiple Sonken, here's the other 2 ~

Fully hardware spray can a.k.a Bosny. LoLz. That time there's aren't any Mr. Hobby spray can to do with, so I satisfy myself with this gold instead. ^^' But the weapon's blade is still bling2 wor, using Bosny Chrome Silver spray can, although abit blurry, but it still reflects its shine-ness ~

& this is from my forum buddy Edwin from S'pore, this kit has travelled far distance to end up here...LoLz ! He's halfway work, but the kit still amaze me when I had it on me that time...because the gold is too bling2, envy envy.....

Think I'll turn this kit into fully gold, just like in the comic strip where Sonken 1st time awaken & rode the Tengyoukugai version of Dendrobium Orchis.(Wah going to get another to paint according Gogaitei color version lor...hahaha...)

Currently still stick up decals for the MG BF 2nd Revise, so might took quite awhile to finish this kit 1st anyway.