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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Finished MG BF 2nd Revise that wasn't mine. =)

Before that, testing my mom's new digicam, & test subject is water drops from 100+ can.

Nice & clear. =D

Ok to the topic. I've done the MG Blue Frame 2nd Revise for my friend. well yeah, I always wanted to fix this kit (so that won't drool over this kit again haha...^^") & had the chance. well I'm satisfied now, can skip this kit now. =)

For dry transfer decal, the most annoying part was the gatling, all "bengkok-bengkok", not straight enough...haiz...& another is the stickers on orange parts, it's not even ngam2 fit eh ! meh, Bandai start getting lazy ar ?

Next to the kit itself. Teh Blue Frame 2nd Revise. Well, nothing much different with 2nd Lowe though, but who cares.

All I know is that this kit has 2 freakin' hard to pinpoint clear stickers. Yes stickers, not dry transfer / waterslide decals. Meh.

On the manual book it looks so nice, that No.1 Serpent Tail logo & the name, but things get worse because of that bloody lines ! Now look dirty already just because I've tried to flatten all sides...

At least the shoulder part ain't that hard, & again, the bloody lines.

So a knife Schneider ain't look nice if it just in dull gray, so hands are itchy & painted the razor area with Tamiya chrome silver. Now that's a knife !

Well, to conclude this post, I'll say that luckily I didn't bought this kit, & still consider whether to get MG Red Frame Kai or not. Hmm...well just wait & see then.



Anonymous said...

I like the decals but I rather live it alone. LOL! Nice dagger too.

And check this, one my bookmark page.


Evaritus Lau said...

Ah Kelvin's. He re-spray whole kit with nice metallic paint, last pic the blue kinda lighter than normal right ?

Anonymous said...

Yea! Haha! Like it too but still I prefer normal then metallic.

AzureSeilue@AzureChen said...

Blue frame looks good! I hope they will release Gold frame final form too :)

Evaritus Lau said...

Ghina custom or Mina custom ? prefer the Mina custom though, very FSS alike. XD