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Thursday, February 26, 2009

Working on kit : MG Sinanju Pt. 3.5

LoLz, wasn't even update much today... So just put 3.5 instead...^^"

Realize that I was wasting red spray can for spray each 1 by 1, going to mass spray 'em all !
So much parts to spray, hopefully my red spray is just enough....

The real update was just this : The Leg. Yes, only 1 Leg.=.="

But then...wow..another gimmick ! Lemme colored it...!^&*!^!^&!^...done ! Now it looked fabulous ! Maybe could need extra care while painting it though... Oh by the way, the paint isn't gundam marker gold, I use Zig Painty Gold marker, quite ok la, but the tip hor, like normal CD/DVD marker one...... ^^"

Like usual, before closing this post, the right hand has something to show..

But...what the left hand doing....



Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Working on kit : MG Sinanju Pt. 3

Kay, spent 2 days just for a complete arm & hand. But the reason is that, I did a 2 layers of red sprays over the armor. Result? Glossy look now. ^^ I've split the fingers & add my touch, meta-red on joint area. Looks macam like God Finger wannabe liao !

Close-up. Saw the white-ish spot at shoulder armor ? Yeah....I don't know what & how it happened..think maybe got scratched on something. Hmm. Must becareful next time.

Sweet-ness of glossy ~~ Taken with Auto Mode.

Sweet-ness of glossy ~~ Taken with ISO Mode.

As usual, Thrusters are sprayed with Chrome Silver to add the awesome-ness ~~

Before I take my leave, I'm going to present the last pic, MyKy's style ~~

Haha, no hard feeling please. It's just for fun nia, getting bored + tired sanding the whole pieces.


Sunday, February 22, 2009

Working on kit : MG Sinanju Pt. 2

OK, continued where I left last time. ~~

GOsh, my gold gundam marker really making some fuzz, look at result, crappy ! Must give another layer after an hour.

Close-up. Sorry for blur-a-bit pic. But the crappy gold still visible. Sheez.....

As I mention before, I did spray a Samurai RR Red on the red armors. Result is like that. Huhu ~~

Somehow the gold on collar part much better, how ya all say ?

More pipes spotted ! Like Ngee Khiong, I also going to paint those pipes, with meta-red X gold gundam marker. Meh this is nice !

More painted pipes.

Close-up. Haven't clean the excess yet 'coz waiting for the marker to dry 1st.
While fixing this kit, I notice that this kit's ABS parts is quite soft, easily sand off those nibs wor. Another good point for Sinanju !


Friday, February 20, 2009

Working on kit : MG Sinanju Pt. 1

As soon as I've opened the box, the plastic wrappers, I straight targeting to paint the most hard paint, the "A" runner. & gold gundam marker make my day more living hell...haiz..too many trouble only on a runner eh !

Teh finally done painting gold, took me 5 hours ++.........

But the part that makes me so satisfied was here, pipe between the neck ~ Now it cured my bad mood on gold, I can proceed on collar parts later. =)

Bigger view. Saw the rough gold color ? I just use Sakura Micron to cover up tough-to-deal leakout. Haha....what a lazy way.


Decaling : for better or worse.

Whew ~ it's been 2-3 days just decaling Unicorn with Ver.ka's own trademark, Lots of Warning Signs !! Gah, think my eyes started blurred already.... =.=" From picture below you could see that only left leg haven't decal yet, yeah....dang tired eh...
Posed with Unicorn's weaponry. I could only say sweet at this moment. =D

Ok, notice the suppose-it's-red-psychoframe ? I like how it opened up, but not the red anymore 'coz I painted black already. I have no love with NT-D mode anymore now, unless got people give me another Unicorn to build then I have love with that fragile-to-transform mode. =D

For leg, there's alot of references taken from both Dengeki & HJ, cement a part or 2 to make sure it stay like that. Well, I followed some though, which turns out very good, no more hassle pop-out armor, all stick together ~

Ok think after done decaling this kit pretty much is done, so I'm gonna resume my Sinanju 1st. Heh.


Thursday, February 19, 2009

Monday, February 16, 2009

A quick mod for tonight.

Today suppose I'm going to stick all those Ver.Ka clear stickers on it, ended up quite bad (some of the stickers is ruined), & while I was sanding all the visible bits on parts, I decide to try out Otaku's very own thrusters. ^^"

Of all mods, I just hate long, long sanding & hand drilling. Yes hand drilling, not with a device or else. Tiring moments !

Test fit with a aluminium thruster. Awesome !

Test fit after putting on the armor piece, more Awesome !

Within few hours I've done:

I just love how it look now.


Saturday, February 14, 2009

WIP : BB Shuuyu Hyaku Shiki Part.III

Updates ~~
Adding few colors on the kit. Now it looks more nicer than plain gold before it was painted.
I just love the meta-green effect ~~ =D

Tries to follow the original Hyaku Shiki color, so this is what I came to in mind. Now for Sangoku color theme, i think I'll switch few since it's going to be very hard to carefully paint 'em.

Em... got few excess color out from the cloudy details, later going to do some clean up before lining it up with panel line marker.

Pistons ! Here you are ! But the silver don't look nice right ?

Front view. I'll say it again, " Boy I just love the meta-green effect" ~~ =)

Helms. Note that it isn't completely detailed yet, since I saw lots of flaw around the meta-red color.

Helms on. Kawaii nee !! Okay time to continue coloring it ~


Valentine's Day

Love flower is blooming....oh ~~~ (A: LoLz ! you make chill saying those !) Haha, kinda weird, but yet happy today, go for movie "Inkheart", lunch 1901 hotdogs ~ Huhu. Anyway, my dearest give a love mug as a present. I'm going to treasure it forever. Muah !


Friday, February 13, 2009

Day Number 1

Open up the box, tear the selected parts.........
& ready for the gloss top coat. Quite excited about this part. =)

Think I can die just holding my breath than inhaled those fumes...=.=" But all goes well, now drying it like drying my clothes. =D

Ok, that's all for Sinanju, now for the last pic...

Panel lined Shuuyu's head. XD Kay I post later if got any progress.


WIP: BB Shuuyu Hyaku Shiki Part.II

Been spraying this kit til' very late night, so sleepy ~~ Oh yea just moved a small study table into my room, for my modeling purpose of course. ^^"
Parts that has been given 2nd layer of gold.

..& parts that given a chrome silver coat.

Rough surface isn't it ? This is what I like, not the glossy surface, rough surface tend to give me much easier work though. =D

Shuuyu Hyaku Shiki 70% complete mainly spraying gold 1st, adding some basic panel line to give me idea how to paint my details well. =)

I was thinking to add a lot of either meta-red or just red gundam marker for the tiger's statue, any suggestion that I should take notice of ?

Well, that's all for now, trying to finish this kit A.S.A.P though (Can't wait start my MG Sinanju ~~)