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Friday, April 30, 2010

Beware of the cat on top of a random tree.

Was seeing my siamese cat on top of a manggo tree since this evening, come back from KK it still on there, pity she missed its snacks. So on night I go climb that tree to get her down, & here's how she thanks me....

Great. Now I can't grab a cutter with hands like this.


Wednesday, April 28, 2010

A little to no update.

Well, can say it's update also la, 'coz it's RF's palm now.

Bad color surface sienz... Is it even acceptable like this ?

I might need red liner to cover up those fugly whites on fingers.....=.="

Bought another side cutter yesterday at local electronic shop. Looks like Tamiya's side cutter though, but much cheaper.

Not quite sure what the measurement for...sucks in Maths lolz... But this cutter has nice grip to hold on, and the cutter can partially cut clean by 80%, well, still need leave some nubs to sand it off also bah.

And.... I was unable to resist poisons, so, well, yeah, another Unicorn...>.>


Monday, April 26, 2010

A sneak update on MG RF Kai

Before that, showing these beautiful figurines, pity sell expensive at here..>.>

Hime-sama says that change head looked much better..& I goes "..." haha...

Ok, head to the MG RF. Of all runners & parts I seen, only the gold-like yellow runners is tempting to get painted. So, I start to paint this nice oni marke

See that ? Bling bling ~! Now to get gloss top coat to rpotect the bling-ness ~


Friday, April 23, 2010

Price items GET !

Just went to post office to retrieve my package, dang slow Pos Malaysia.... ">.>

Anyway, Bro David John, I've received it now. =)

As expected the package wasn't in good condition either, memek sudah ! lucky wasn't something fragile like glass though..haha.

(Ist pic is removed due to privacy issue, sorry bro. =P)

Woot so expensive !$3.15 to send the package ! Might triple the price if I send something to Brunei...=.="

So let's check it out what figurines I got ~ :

I boo'd when I get Christina lolz, but hey got Louise ~

haha, now to let my hime-sama to choose which 1 she want, hopefully wasn't Louise.......... *finger cross'd*.


This is not an update lolz.

Well, yeah for MG RF Kai GET ~

But, Boo for the price tag......

So, if anyone visit Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, please google other else hobby shop if want cheaper price, else if other shop already sold out, like this kit, just head to KK Toys if don't mind about the price though.


Friday, April 16, 2010

Continuing my gunpla mod.

As above, continue my work after 3 days (before the death of my pc lolz) waiting for the cement to dried completely from previous post.

Side skirts now are ready to the cut out a portion of it & sand the excess cement on it. Later on going to put a joint parts into there & to the waist part. Hopefully it work.

Done mod to the right arm. Oddly, the time used to mod right is much more faster than the left arm. Maybe because I think too much how to mod....lolz.

The waist part. Note that this is before the parts split again because there isn't any reinforcement to hold the part together. Had to work on it again..haiz...

& lastly, dug the inside body parts to make way for this ball joint, & also, hopefully nothing bad happen...lolz !!


Old over new.

In memories of my old pc..

Rest well, you had serve me more than 3 years now. T~T (All data still inside the HDD, need an external HDD to take all out.....)

Anyway, there's a new family member coming now, showing what's the content inside him. =D

Like my previous pc, but with an upgrade ~

Oh yeah, sleek silver alien tower ~ Pity it wasn't alienware hahaha, just got the lights on alien head nia ~

Now I can online, update, & surf net liao ~~


Tuesday, April 13, 2010


My pc just dead on me...

So long my 4 year old desktop pc......


Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Obtained my 1st figurines ~

Can't get happier than this. =)

My friend told me that our packages just came ~~ My long awaited !

A Bonta-Kun & Drossel ~ Haha cute as expected !

Unopened box of Bonta-kun. Very tempting to open on the 1st day though, but keep patient 1st 'coz need some clean up to do before display 'em ~

Fumoo, fumofuu ! Fumofumofumoo ! Fumofumoofu !

Ok that's explain why there's a title "Fumofu" on Fullmetal Panic. Fumo.

Ok next up, Drossel. Well I never seen it on the disney's cartoon/anime I think, any clue where I could watch it ?

Side box view.

Back box view. I saw glowing eyes ~

Ok next time shall review 'em.


Sunday, April 4, 2010

A quick no-plan what-so-over mod

Been wanted to mod this cutie since I get my hands dirty with Koto option parts, but things getting out of hand, this kit is much smaller than I expected. Had to brain storming while cutting, sanding, & super glueing.

The reason I pick this kit is to test out how far my mod skill is.

& also wanted to make this kit pose like pic below, very nice pose eh.... Not very confident can do this..

So I started with saw out the side mini skirts. This side could hinder the extra movement that my custom "cut & paste" joints lolz !

Cement it & leave it dried for 2 days at least.

While waiting, start to think how to put the ball joint into this socket-look arm. So I saw it flat, sand the excess left, & making way for the ball joint to fit in.

Cut some length both the ball joint & palm's pegs so that 1 polycap is shared by 2 parts, only the joint part is super-glued inside the polycap. Not sure how long would it last though since polycap ain't hold long.

Test fit with arm, just right length. Nice ~

While mod, I notice that the ball joint alone is so farking short, can't even make a 90 degree bend.

Fark. I said again. Fark.

Had to butcher the peller model for the joint....

"Cut & paste" technique complete. Now gonna leave it a day see how it does when test fit on shoulder part & try to move it around.

I shouldn't do this while I'm out of idea. LoLz.


Saturday, April 3, 2010

Crap happens.

Was trooling around in forum & stumble this;

WTF ! In Singapore they this kit priced around $48....

Crap now the Unicorn head stand doesn't feel like exclusive item anymore....

Dang !


Thursday, April 1, 2010


These are the joints that I use to mod teh BB Sangokuden to my limit.lolz.

Kotobukiya. Bought for MYR30+ each. Expensive like shiet. Only able to get Unit A & B. Oh forgot put its name...lolz. This is ABS Unit by the way. Left & middle was Unit B & the right 1 is Unit A. Left that much le, now dunno where I could get these already, but if can I want the Unit C as well...T~T

Ok next up, some bro might still remember I used Stikfas to mod joint on a BB kit. Now, I found this, slightly expensive than Stikfas by MYR10+, but good thing is it's from Bandai too, so I can expect the plastic ain't differ that much compare to gunpla itself.

The figure that soon to be butchered. *evil grind*

Oh wait, this Pellermodel has another runner in it, it's the base ! Wow, not only I could joint mod them, I could also gives them a good base to show off. Muahahahaa ~~~

& lastly, who could never forgot the most expensive joints ever sell in M'sia, Yellow Submarine. Roughly each pack should range around MYR30~50 I think, but luckily, ordered em with couple of friends on HLJ, so like yeah, for 6 packs I paid just MYR100, which is save more money ~~

Gah can't wait for the Amiami package to reach my friend's home, order mah 1st Nendoroid & damashii figure......crap.


Welcoming the April, not the fool.

March has ended, leaving more rains on its path. YEAH ~

But I can't do spray-work. BOO !

Tries to capture raindrops using Panasonic DMC-LS70, set to Macro mode & force flash. Hmm quite ok lar, although still not satisfy with it....("3.3)

Anyway, before I start teh quick fix on HWS Nu,

Smile smile ! =)

Ok, so today our hero on the rescue is these 2 pen X marker. Both has been great help for panel lining, but recently Sakura's ink kinda won't stick on the surface lately, dunno why, lucky got Real Touch marker ~

Ya know, of all parts, the shoulder gatling unit is very annoying when it comes to panel line it. & that's when the real touch marker come to teh rescue ~

Teh just gonna panel line it on the left, teh complete side on the right.

Lined both white parts for the backpack, wipe the excess with tissue, cotton bud & whatever you could use to wipe it off, wiped parts still leaves some ink marks, that's when rubber eraser(not in the pic)saves the day & time.

Real touch-d the head, fierce ! Painted the eyes with fine tip meta-green Gundam Marker. Only use the foil stickers on the front & rear camera. Narrow area is hard to scrap the paint off.

Now this kit is still undergo some nub removing, so it's going to take a while, by the mean time my cats all resting besides me when fixing mah' gunpla.

Well, actually there are waiting to be feed, that's why...*swt


It's the day...

The day I hate the most, not all jokes I can accept though that's why, & most of the jokes that played on me is too much for to handle..

So, I no love April Fool, it's for the fool.