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Saturday, December 27, 2008

Holiday trips

I've been away from my computer for almost 3 days, just back last night though. =)
So yesterday we go sight seeing at Kundasang & Ranau.

So I'm at Puncak Borneo Resort, coming soon 'coz the resort haven't finish yet but we managed to go up into the resort to look how was it. XD

Believe or not, this is just around 10am & the fogs started to build up around us & getting thicker already. Oh my gosh that's so cool & cold !!

My gf ask to take this picture 'coz we never saw this species before. =) Sorry bad quality digital cam. X(

The cold cold wind just mess my hair, haiz....

Ok after that we descend to Kundasang to visit the rose garden, actually I don't take note of the place's name, but it's indeed got the word "Rose Garden" inside. X)

Strawberries ~ Look tasty but don't think I would eat 'em.

On the way home, fogs so thick, barely see anything 50m in front of our car. O.O !
And it's hard rain afterward.


Monday, December 22, 2008

WIP: Unicorn's Beam Gatling Gun Pt.III

Noticed that I put on Unicorn oledi. ^^ Sweet !

So what else ? Test install 'em on kit, see if the arm will drop / armor piece drop / whole kit kiss the ground. OK no problem so far ^^"

I think it's quite fun once know how to do it. Going to do next gatling after a while then.


Wednesday, December 17, 2008

WIP : Unicorn's Beam Gatling Gun Pt.II

Ok, few days ago I've been asking all people in forums, msn etc that I know would have experience in resin parts.

Thanks guys ! You all have been very helpful in my current WIP, & not to forget bro otaku who helped me too. =)

Now currently this is all I've done so far:

As you all could see in pic #3, there's a crack (!!) on the ring part. I guess I need to covered it up using pla plates though....

Now left to super glueing aluminium parts, & few resin + pla plates work.


Sunday, December 14, 2008

WIP : Unicorn's Beam Gatling Gun

Ok, after a series of failure in cementing the parts, finally some parts can fit nicely.

Trying fitting those aluminium pipes...

Fit nicely ~~

That connector is abit loose, hope pla plate can help me out. =)

So far so good, if using hobby cement still not stick well, think I'm going for super glue instead.


Friday, December 12, 2008

Oh nose !

Now I know how hard it was to deal with resin for 1st time....

Looks like i forgot wash em before start sand...very tough eh..

Small small part sand like crazy.


I got my package today ^^

Today morning got call from post office informing that my package is arrived. Yay~

Bro, nicely sealed the box wor~ ^^

Inside the box got aluminium thrusters and...

Woo wee SAGE's gatling for Unicorn ~ Sweet !

Now checking the parts for missing, nope no missing. =D

Thanks for this fast item bro otaku.


Monday, December 8, 2008

Saturday, December 6, 2008

HobbyCon 2008 at Komplex Asia City

Finally got the chance, the free time to go to the Hobby Con at K.A.C. Been there around 12pm, so some booth still empty though. (^^")

First stop, figurines ~~ from Moe Yume's booth. And please don't just stare at maid's leg ok ? ^^"

So I take my turn for photography sessions with a SWAT cosplayer.

Ok that 2 pictures are the only picture I took with cosplayer(s). (=.=) Proceed to next one.

Real-life Akatsuki, +

Kenpachi ?! Heh they quite stunning though, those make up sure very details, & thick too. ^^"

Lonely young couples, wonder who they're waiting ar ? (~^^~)

Cute art by local artist, looks good, pity one of the pictures I took is corrupted... =.=

Borneo's B-Boys in-da-house ! Did record their performance but haven't upload 'em yet.

Cutey in cosplayers ~

& everyone's favorite, maids ~

Also, they have card games in this event. Not quite understand how to play 'em. ^^"
Actually they got gaming booth, but it's too over crowded & can't manage to take few pics of 'em, oh well...bad day... =.=

Ok, more cosplayers pics. Enjoy. =)

That's all for now. Haven't decide either going for tomorrow final day or not. We'll see how 1st.


Friday, December 5, 2008

WIP : Kannei Kampher

Done sanding...
Done scribbing...
Done cement...
Test spray with Bosny's Metallic Silver...

O.O ! it's too shiny !
& it isn't sticky like previous build, this is much better outcome.
Still got few parts to go, then spray, then colored 'em.
I try not getting lazy ~ ~ (~^^~)

Toy Con at Komplex Asia City, can't wait for tomorrow just for this event !