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Sunday, March 27, 2011

White Tiger Sonken in the making.

The most less post I've in this month hahaha...that's bad. ^^" But good news is, I've getting used of workloads from office, kinda faster doing it already, so, more time for gunpla ~

This pic is taken from last Saturday night, which I hand painted it 'til around 12am...geez talk about overtime. ^^"

Doing it at Dining Room while watching FOX channel is so great to tension relieve. But messy table indeed.

Carefully paint the silver 1st, panel line it to cover up excess, then repaint the middle detail with Gaia Bright Gold. Ugh smelly paint.....

Comparison between Mr.Color's Gold & Gaia Bright Gold. Which is better ? Kinda obvious huh.

Actually I don't know which kind of red I wanna use, so I just settle down with Gundam Marker S-Destiny Red instead.

Front skirt & side skirts. I've yet to paint black on the side skirts' borders.

A all-gold sword never impress me, I mean, it's rich with details but just in 1 color, what the fish ?? So I paint it for my liking, a real sword should look like this. Now left is to fill it up with meta-blue paint.

The body. Waiting to be black.

Silver paint + hand painting = just like the result of spray can. Very even layer with just 1 layer !

Environment "un"friendly method....

Claws are painted with silver also, not some pure gold thing.

According from the box art, this part left white only, BORING ! So I paint just the details with gold.

Tiger lower jaw. 1 layer does it all. =D

So like, at the end of my painting session, while cleaning all the plates, just notice that the excess from Gaia Bright Gold is silver. Wow, talk about rich colors.


Monday, March 21, 2011

March - the month I'm so busy......

Well can say like, less time for my gunpla for these few weeks, so tired after work since I've changed agency from my previous work...huh...

Anyway, I did make a lil' bit progress though. =)

Finally done mod the joints, then I can prime the armors.

The more I looked at it, the more I feel proud on it. ^^"

Way cooler than default joint-less kit.

The light armor mode. Going to panel line 1st for reference when I'ma hand paint it.