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Sunday, November 30, 2008

The shocking news of Gundam 00 Season 2

Picture is taken from my fellow gundam forumer Duotiga

Yes, in order to replace Virtue/Nadleeh, they did a mini MS within Seravee....(o.O")
Look, a hand from one of the cannons. =.=" It's getting more weird since they revealed the big gundam head at back, what's next ? Seravee split into 3 mobile suits, & Seravee is the gattai version of it ? I don't know but I want to find out also. ^^"

Ok, to the next picture.

Ptolemaios II in Trans-Am mode ?? Ok now I got a feeling that Bandai will somehow release an EX battleship kit for this, since it has high possibility to gain profit from us. =.="

Ok last pictures.

It's the mastermind Innovators in Gundam 00's mobile suit, Gadessa.

Oh yes this weapon sure look nice, particle cannon eh ? Sorry I haven't watch the anime yet. ^^"

Not sure who pilot this though, since I could only think of is Ribbons himself.


Thursday, November 27, 2008

Big days tomorrow


Real BIG day..........

For me.........

Only ME.......


My Birthday...............lol..... :D


Wish myself healthy as always.....hehe ~


Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Twin Drive System : ON

Finally Done digging through those holes so that I could stick some foil plastic inside, & this is the result of it.

Although it wasn't much, like installing green LED, but least it gives a new experience for me for taking other alternatives in minor modding. ^^

As seen in anime, Without the action base 2 though. ^^"

OK, next is up.........Cherudim !


Sunday, November 23, 2008

00 WIP almost done. =)

Took me quite a while to sand, paint, re-line panel lines to suit my liking.

GN Drives. Main problem I encountered was meta-green marker can't reach in well, and foil stickers wasn't that big to fill in. Solution? Dig-o-hole in it. ^^"

Got clear blue, but wasn't as I expected it to be. Oh well, least it's still clear blue. =)

The almost done 00. Only left Twin Drive left to assembly. Looks very neat kit. Haven't tried hardcore posing yet, like in dalong.net/

The foil paper I intented to apply inside those 2 cones. ^^" Getting trouble to get the exact size, not still drawing it though...heh.

Picture of hole-d GN Drives.

ANother angle of hole'd GN Drive. ^^

Ok wait me finish this kit, I'll proceed with Cherudim.


Wednesday, November 19, 2008

This Week Best Buy

Okay these 2 kit already been in market just recently, just happen to get my hands on 00 & Cherudim, along with Dengeki Hobby December Issue. Great ~ Next month would be Rasiel's kit as gift from the magazine itself.

The only part was done, body without any panel lines yet.

More updates will come, if I'm not tired after work. cheers !


Chubby Puppies ~~

All 3 pups gaining quite a weight, & more active by biting slipers. ^^"

I'm not sure why but all 3 pups like to do like on above picture whenever I sat on floor, any idea guys ? ^^"


BB Senshi Musha Retsuden Scans

Ok I notice this scan quite hard to find these days, either download link is expire or else, so I decide to up this scans again, for those who missed 'em. Courtesy to my Singapore friend Uchihachien who found it. ^^

[Click Me Here]

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Busy oh Busy...

Being working hard these 2 weeks, back from work think don't have time to update my blog, but I promise will update at least few post for this month. Cheers !


I missed my life.... :(