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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

WIP HGGP 1/144 BearGguy - Done

Hiatus for a week liao haha.... No reason lar, just getting lazy to do anything since this month was kinda busy at work..huh..

Anyway, already done the Bear2. =D

All the parts that already sprayed with Bosny Gold.

Uh oh...rough surface.. I need a matt coat to cover it up.

& here too.

....I think I need to matt coat the whole kit instead liao...orz...

Runner with extra parts is swee ~

& finally.


Oh can't see the lens sticker on the monoeye..>.<"

Overall, the gold does look semi-metallic to me, even in my camera. Wish it was a rabbit instead of.......a kuma-chan.


Sunday, January 9, 2011

WIP HGUC 1/144 Ex-S - Finally I stand on my foot.

A quick build on the legs, but haven't sand off the cement applied on thighs & legs.

Slim & loose knee joint. Bad news. Need more reinforcement for it, going to do so later after work. =)

Although panel wash is quick & look nicer, but I think I'll just stick to draw the panel line myself, more enjoyable.

Had to paint black on the upper foot armor because the color was white. No wonder I feel weird about it.

Big fat armor at the back of the leg really hinder the degree it can bend. Going to take note on this area for mod.


Ah...crap happens.

Crap my Mr.Hobby Gold spray can is finished already....

Now had to find cheap substitute for it...

A direct test spray on the red runner, took few layer to actually cover all the red on it. What do you think ? Is this gold ok enough ?

Oh by the way, I'm using this spray can, Bosny since it still can be removed via hobby thinner.

Well, I was thinking to fix this head stand but then...I don't have red spray can since I'ma put some tamiya Basic putty to cover the seam line....*sigh*

& anyway, loot of the week.


Thursday, January 6, 2011

WIP HGUC 1/144 Ex-S - It's just getting tougher work to do

Ok, been busy these days, haiz...less mood to fix this particular kit already....

I don't know, maybe it's been a while I didn't really fixing a kit, more to OOB-ing rather than detailed fix-up to do...

Slapped an area of wide gap with flat part of runner. Good thing always from it's runner. ^^"

Runner that has been paneled. Left to wash..Hmmm....feel the lazy god somewhere near me already...

Waist-back skirt. Very neat lines. I RIKE ~

Waist - front skirt. Too....simple.

At this point, I only manage to finished both arms + palms. Duh, talk about taking my sweet times fixing it....

Heck, I didn't realize it until when I panel wash the vents on the shoulder area.

Actually I need to paint it black, but some reason, I don't think it will look nice at all. So, just panel wash it, 'coz paneled vent is NAIS.

Ah the head. Too bad that I've forgot to take pic the steps I'm doing it though...But the faceplate was slide in after cement the helmet, for the sake of seam removal...>.<"

Dumb enough, when slide it in, it was too loose, darn...Had to cement into it already...But luckily already done painting the eyes. Looks tidy now.

Wow, to be honest, this kit really turns my mood down on gunpla-ing...

Should I continue or should I drop it until some point to revive it back ?


Saturday, January 1, 2011