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Sunday, December 27, 2009

1 Winged Koumei

Well, Christmas has past 2 days ago, some pleasant and some not, but yeah, glad celebrate it along with my family & my dearest~ ^^

Ok, delayed project always delayed, just finish some today morning, still alot parts to be mask'd & painted/sprayed but the kit is taking a nice shape now. =)

Borrow the right palm from ReGz version of it. It just look nice with it. ^^;

Sorry for the flash, my room happen to be so dim light. ^^"

Pictures without flash. It look so dark in computer compare to in camera...X(

The HWS Koumei Hi Nu. why there isn't any pic like this in the manual ? Haiz..

Well, plain white is not appealing, so I spray some gold color on the details, although my skill is decreasing, so sorry for the bad masking skill... ^^;

Fin funnels. How I wish it was 6 instead of just 2...

For the Hi-Nu fin funnels color, I don't have the right blue, so I had to use the stickers provided...=|

Last but not least, backpack thrusters is painted with gold too.

Yeah, lazy lately. Don't why. Maybe less doing kit I think. But will do some of my on-hold kit like the previous Sousou project here & here.

So, 'til the next post then.



Ben "pSyk" Koh said...


I'm new to gunpla and I'm new to your blog but I couldnt help but to notice how nicely you kitbashed a Stikfas and a SD Gundam together!
May I know if you had to specially cut and glue any parts down?

Also, when you mentioned that you used the Stikfas instead of the "koto option parts", may i know what do you mean by "koto option parts" and where can I get it?

I'm from Singapore!

Thank you very much!

Unknown said...

this kit very poisonous........*drool..*

but i dislike the mini skirt lar...

btw about flash, try use a transparent paper of plastic to 'cut down the power' if you get what i mean. if possible use torch light, it'll make your pic dramatic. trust me =)

Evaritus Lau said...


Sorry for long didn't reply to bro. Well yeah, sand the parts accordingly then superglue it is how I did it though.
Koto = Kotobukiya's option parts.


Ah I get what bro mean now. =) But yeah, mini skirt is indeed looks fugly. =(