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Sunday, December 12, 2010

WIP HGUC 1/144 Sinanju - The end.

"Intel has been reported that the proclaimed RED COMET has been appear somewhere in Papar......"

"& a civilian took a picture of it."

Uh oh nice effect yo haha !

Anyway, it has finished ! So like, uh, em, um...I let pictures do some of the talking.

Gloss top coat makes the red more vivid color. I RIKE.

Neutral Gray on the back of the shield, last minutes hand paint it at Hobby Kingdom.

Inner thrusters are painted with Mr. Metal Color Aluminum.

Slap some lens stickers. NAIS ~

So that's conclude in my WIP. Less explanation yeah haha ~


Oh wait did I forgetting something ?


Ah, our GB's theme.


I lol-ed Sousou's kawaii way of sitting. ^^"

Ok I'm done. Now waiting the Bust Stand, YES I DID ORDER IT FOR THE LULZ !

For the meantime, I'ma starting hunting some monster in MHP3RD 1st haha !

An epic picture for the closure.



Anonymous said...

wahh your finished! looks awesome, im jealous of your clean trim job lol


haha i started MHP3RD too, but all my time is going into sinanju right now. im going to slay that dark sinanju!

ZoiDieCT ArchAeA said...

congratulations on finishing ^^ first unicorn to be kicked XD

SouSou : This is madness..

SonKen : Sou nanoka?

gunpla said...

SO, u make the sinanju kick the unicorn eh? maybe i shld use other gundam already lol XD

Anonymous said...

Oho. Yet another kick (mine was the 1.5 Gundam) and this time... It's Unicorn itself~! XD

Anonymous said...

It looked like the SD's were cowering before Sinanju.

Anonymous said...

I thought it was a MG Sinanju at first sight!! Great detailing!! And plus the HGUC and MG look around the same(as in overall) I don't get it. How come the NG strike gundam and MG or NG and MG Impulse look so different? the NG's(and HGs too) doesnt look sleek at all == but HGUC models do. And mind checking out my blog? I recently just made a stop motion video. Please comment^^ wanna exchange links?

Evaritus Lau said...


Thanks ! Em I don't know why Bandai pull such a trick to us though haha, think maybe they much prefer UC than Seed haha lolz kidding.

Link added. Nice to meet you. =)