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Sunday, May 27, 2012

BB Knight Gundam - Day 3

Kaamatan is around le corner  (exactly next week haha) but le gunpla mood never fade ~

So this time I'ma going to hand paint the rest of the armors with Star Bright Iron then buff it with MGM Chrome Magic Powder again. Hassle progress since I use no gloves. =(

Semi-gloss look after buffed.

Day 1 of buffing; only these 3 are done.

I must say, shield is the best among it. :3

Comparing between un-buffed & buffed. 

70% done of Knight light armor mode. Dull silver vs. Star Bright Iron vs. Buffed  parts.

Day 3 - finished the light armor mode. Plus buffed.

Still has parts not evenly buffed by magic powder.

Look at those shiny effect, so much like a real steel ~

Obviously un-buffed yet hahah....


1 comment:

Tom said...

I like how this is turning out. Are you gonna do anything with the other colors?