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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Re-boot WIP 1/144 Hi-Nu - Progresses. Hmmmm.

It's been raining since Sunday night 'til yesterday night.....
Darn it's so cold everyday, almost catch a cold......
OK crap talk is over, Let's !
Continue where I left this kit.

For some odd reason, I like how my propeller tank's color much better than the original color scheme on it though.

& this time, no more screwing up on the Duralumin color, SMOOTH ~ Oh I forget, the colored area is top coat with gloss.... Because the Orange color is semi-frosted, lucky super clear gloss cover it up...^^"

Ok, Primed with Surfacer White 1000, result is very good, then I proceed with changing the color; Using Tamiya Metallic Gray. Darn, visible lines is visible ! Can't gloss those parts that are painted with the marker already, must matt it to cover up...^^"

Actually I've already done the leg parts that required to color-changing. Only thing is that I forget to take pics. Haha....


1 comment:

Cass said...

Looking food so far. Keep it up. =)

So we are gonna expect some kind of orange/red Hi-Nu Gundoom from you?