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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

WIP SD Sinanju - Primed.

Done priming the kit on last Sunday, darn weather is really unforgiving yo...
Before we go through my process, showing up those I've hand painted on display. =D

Apparently the shop staff bullied my SD 00[Q]FS with his MG FAZZ. ;)

Who can forget my White Tiger Sonken. =)

& my Tenshiho Shibai Nightingale/Sazabi.

Teh only MSG weapon unit left in the shop...^^" Seems like waterslide decals for MG 00[Q] is not that famous lolz.. If only they had the waterslide decal for Crossbone Fullcloth...

On that same day, some customer asked them to build the Megasize 1/48 Mass Production Zaku II. This pic is taken yesterday, I didn't take pic for the finished kit today though...^^"

Small table tons of stuff on it.

So now, to my WIP.

Hopefully I won't screw up. 1st I paint the area needed to be bling with black. Glossier, better. But in this case, looks semi-gloss, well it's fine with me, as long the base color was black. =)

Another angle view.

Painted all the necessary area with black. Yeah, I just spread the smell of thinner in the shop...^^"

Kinda feel like this is going to went quite a while 'coz was waiting for the Star Bright Gold to come, which is around May......^^



Gundam Gunso said...

Ooo.. You are so lucky to get your kits get displayed in the shop for the others to admire! I sense a great masterpiece coming up when I saw the last pic XD

Minty Fresh said...

I wanna see a review of your SD Qan [T] FS :D

Evaritus Lau said...


Heh thnx ~ Got buddies working in that shop ar, since their display cabinet is quite empty. ^^


Oh ? Oh ya oh, haven't do a quick review on it. ^^"

Danielle Lim said...

OWH OW OW MG Crossbone FullCloth don't have decals?