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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

A new shop.

Recently there's a new shop opened at Star City, just 1 block from Maid Cafe & Hobby Densetsu.

Far end; Left is Maid Cafe, Right is Hobby Densetsu.

& this is the new shop that I haven't went to visit. Knew the owner 'coz they're collecting Hot Toys & Bear bricks.

The shop's name.

Eye popping display outside of the shop.

More eye popping ~

Ah ! Long time didn't see this female Transformer chracter, but....I forgot her name already...

Ze boss (1 of them) displaying some toys at the back. There's alot of gashapon candy toys selling here ~

For example, this bear brick. No need to ask for price liao ..^^"

When 2 power from different century collide, this happen. ;D

Mite mite ! My favorite Strike Rouge ! Me want !

Err....what SDX name was this again....but this 1 is special edition which came with the crystal effect for the sword.

Do you want a Santa Kame Claus ?

Some built kit for sale. Eye-ing some of it.

A sleepy SD Devil gundam spotted here as well, & yeah, it's for sale also.

Spotted a GFF RX78-2 7-11 version. Quite expensive haha.....^^"

& this. Oh wow wow wee oh my god ! Lucky wallet filled with dead 'roach....

So I ended my trip with pic of Dakimakura from Hobby Densetsu.



Gundam Gunso said...

Haha... The items from the shop really tempting. Lucky I not there or else wallet big hole already XD

Syful said...

the female transformer is Arcee (RC) she's hot!!

apa saja barang lain ia jual bro?

Tom said...

That's a pretty cool shop.

Anonymous said...

You're lucky to have such near shops =D I have to travel for at least an hour on the bus and MRT(Mass Rapid Transport) to get to my hobby shop(I go there for tools and paint), and 30 minutes by bus and MRT to the nearest Gunpla selling shop. Singapore is supposed to be a small country. Oh the irony^^

sath said...

wow, where is this shop? KL? KK? ??? ;p

Evaritus Lau said...


Haha, if ya more into Bear Bricks of course. ^^


Less gunpla, more hot toys.


Indeed it is.


Nah, this is closest to my rent house in town, if from my village which is 30km+ away, gonna take an hour just to get to town....Lololz.


Kota Kinabalu bah, Star City is the complex's name.

sath said...

wah... in KK? last time i went to KK was in 2005... now i got reason to go there hehe xp

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

Love to see Maid cafe and hobby shops all centered so it's like a one-stop-service area like Akihamara. Hee! Hee!. In Singapore, the maid cafe at Funan is just opposite a hobby shop and there a few more down the stretch. BTW, there are really a lot of stuff sold at the shop. You must be thrilled!

Evaritus Lau said...


Come once a while bah, who know bro will found some rare figurines ?


If I ever step my 2 feet to SG, bro is the 1 I would ask for tour guide. =D

Yuen™ said...

seems there is 1 more new place to hang out again XD

Unknown said...

Erm hello are they have sell lbx figure if can want buy lucifer and some custom weapon for it and action