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Monday, April 4, 2011

White Tiger Sonken in the making Part.2

OK let's continue.

Hand painting in progress. I don't know why, but I tend to do it on the floor w/ or w/o carpet. ^^"

Well, can say that Light Armor mode is complete, for now.

Not to mention, last week loots. Finally succumb into Quantum System lolz.

Few weeks ago I had ordered 2 packs of FS for 00Q, plastic injection instead of resin. Quality wise ? Well, I won't say that bad, but its not that good either.

All the parts. I meh'd in the process of sanding, cleaning excess etc.. felt like dealing with resin parts....orz

All this parts best work with cement instead of just snap fitting.

Can you see that the transparent part is actually bend on the edge ? I don't know if hair dryer could do the magic here though.

Another look of bend edge.

So, another weekends has passed, welcoming the 1st week of April. Darn, talk about work loads at office...>.>"

But, on that evening after work, manage to complete at least 80% of this kit, and the result is quite an eye catching.

Stunning White Tiger Sonken with colors.(partially though.)

I'll say AWESOME! but after the hand painting session, had a headache, think because of the thinner....orz..

Since I don't want to keep in the box, afraid the parts in it will scratch this well painted kit, so I ask for a space in their display case in Hobby Kingdom, just to let it dry...^^"

Koumei Nu, Nightingale Shibai & new addition kit, White Tiger Sonken.

Now troubled on how to paint the blue details on the gold armors..hmmm...think it's time to use the super fine brush from Tamiya, bought long time ago.



Anonymous said...

WOAH I must say I really admire your handpainting skills!! Can you please tell me how is it that you can make the painting so precised and dont overflow? I have seen many of your works and they are all just as great! and by the way I am building my MG Destiny EBM now^^ will inform you once I complete it and hope you'll take a look then =D

Evaritus Lau said...


Took all my sweet time to build, progress is slow but result is fantastic. =)

Just get both Mr.Hobby Thinner & Leveling Thinner, since ya need to mix both thinner in order to make the paint dilute better on the plate 1st.

Overflow ? I think it's because of the parts' surface still glossy, ya need to prime it 1st to make the color settle down better.

Hey looking forward on your Destiny EBM, don't forget to paint abit those pipes beneath the wings haha !

Anonymous said...

sometimes i do admire ur hand painting. Really Good !!

anon said...

wow! you're getting good, nice work.

Zoidiect Archaea said...

nice painting as always bro =D looking at your work with SDs, make me itchy to get a SD and work on it again XD

Evaritus Lau said...

@Killian & anon,

Thanks ~


Wei, bro got airbrush sudah bah, no hal painting far more nicer than mine. ;)

Gundam Gunso said...

Whoa!The kit is already awesome to begin with. Add in your painting skills, this kit is excellent. It really deserve a space in the display case at Hobby Kingdom XD