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Thursday, May 19, 2011

WIP SD Sinanju - Hand painting is uber tough.

1 more week to Kaamatan ~ Wee ~
Recently no time do gunpla, but I did continue the hand painting process on SD Sinanju.

Ok. I admit, the texture is bad. Yeah I know... Was doing it under a ceiling fan max speed + hot weather, that's why the paint started to behave such..

Left sleeve is covered with Faber Castell pigment pen, the right haven't. Did I cover it good enough ? Maybe on my camera it does look nice.

Imagine, an oily meat.

Try to paint as even as possible, which is very impossible to do so under this kind of weather...

I ROFLed. I WTFed. I !@*(!&@*!&@*(!&@ed the whole process hand painting it. YES HAND PAINTING. Look how terrible is the texture of gold & black...I even mixed Gaia Black, Faber Castell pen & Gundam Marker Black to do cover-up, meh, when I'm done, I just matt coat it. DEM.

The day passed with headache whole 4 hours at that evening.......

2 days later at the office........

KITTA KITTA ! Orders from mgs2u arrived !

As I touch the box, oh my..... Well, I unwrapped it for yer guys to see what's horrible happened.

DENT ! Thank you PosLaju kunun....

Squeezed. DEM Poslaju.

More DENT ! Again, thank you PosLaju kunun...

Loot inside loot's box. Saw the comparison between normal thinner & metallic thinner. Really, I'm impressed, but I'm not sure how it will look like if using hand painting method instead of airbrushing.



Gundam Gunso said...

Pity about the texture, the weather recently is really terrible. Congrats on getting the Gundoom XD

Tom said...

Ouch for the crushed box. At least the content is safe right?

Evaritus Lau said...


Yeah, but still,I can paint kit regardless of its raining or hot sunny 'coz of hand painting technique.


Yeah, lucky content is safe, along with 2 bottles of thinner in it.

Danielle Lim said...

So basically to cover the excess gold paint, you just use brush and paint black on it eva?