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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

WIP HG "Giant" 1/144 Hi-Nu Gundoom - #02

As usual, this kit has something that always turns my mood very down. ^^" I'll explain later in this post.
So when I was fixing this kit, continue from previous post, I found an error printing.

OK, here it say I8......

& this is runner I, which, ain't colored light blue, & certainly, not the part I'm looking for.

Oh wait, found it.
..............in runner H. |orz.......
The mistake happen is very lame 1.....waste my 5min trolling in the box looking for the part...

Anyway, continued.

Just when I feel good fixing 'til the shoulder armor, I'm annoyed by the next pic.
.......this is madness. I need a mixture of light blue or, re-color it again to sparkling purple using motorbike spray can....



Jacques said...

I think this is not the only error on the instruction manual. I remembered spotting at least another 2 errors during my assembly of this Gundoom.

The errors are in the following steps:

Step 26: i7

Step 45: G9

You may want to pay extra attention to them. Hope it helps you :)

Evaritus Lau said...

Nice, I will look into it. Thanks for informing. =) Cheers !