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Monday, May 23, 2011

WIP HG "Giant" 1/144 Hi-Nu Gundoom - #01

As title implies, end product really taller than a MG RX78-2 OYW. ^^"

A quick, nothing fancy though.
From a bended 75 degree, re-bend back with the help of boiled water.

Progress so far. Body, parts of backpack binder & head.

Rich with details is NAIS, but when it comes to paint the details....>.>"

Painted the thrusters with Mr. Color Chrome Silver. Darn, I should just use Star Bright Duralumin + Metallic Thinner.... Well, I had another lying somewhere...:3

Notice the backpack got gap ? Well, I think the backpack also bend abit already, but yeah, it's not too visible anyway right ?
Up close pic of the head. All are painted, no foil stickers. Eyes & head sensor are painted with Meta-green marker, Neck's pipes hand painted chrome silver then touch it with Red marker + black marker for the cover up.

After seeing lots of parts are needed to be painted, I @!*@(!)@*!@()!*@)!(*@).......................................


Off to play Patapon 3 ~


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