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Thursday, May 12, 2011

Loots & upcoming loots.

Ok, my wallet's HP almost depleted, & there's no treasure box containing potion to heal it....
Ahaha...ehem. Carry on.

Found this magazine lying on the bookshelf in a typical bookstore nearby my office.

'nuff said, it's for GM(C). Hmm, I wonder, since I no fancy GM that much, why the hell did I bother to buy it ? Hmmm...

Proof of authentic.

Waiting anxiously while working is really, really screw my mind, until the day it arrives.


1st batch of Hi-Nu Gundoom, GET !

Thanks to PosLaju as this is the usual trademark I got from them. (=w= )...

But anyway, I'm so happy now ~~~

......so as soon as I'm home, get mah's biggest gunpla box (SF FBM doesn't count. It's long, not big) around & measure it. Slightly bigger.

Another Slightly bigger.

Open 'da box ! Good looking illustration welcoming you after you unbox it.

Freebies ~ I RIKE FREEBIES ~~~

Waterslides decal is pure NAIS 1.

Teh uber Soul Cleaver beam lololz ~
So, after that, I start unwrap the runners until I saw this......

Trust me, I really freak out ya. But I remember a blogger told me that "Ya can bend it with boiling water". So, off I go, dip it in hot boil water for few minutes, using a fork as supporter at the middle of the opening, & continue the process over & over & over again....

Final result. Whew.
Anyway, apart of the bended part, I was quite satisfy with it. But for now, I just wanna build 'til the head. Haha ~



Khaidir said...

i've got that May Issue TOO :D i just haven't use it yet.. cuz i don't have GM Type C.. which i'mma gonna get it soon >:D

Anonymous said...

You lucky devil you. =D
That is BIG the box and very... deluxe looking, too.
Bandai should take this as a slap to the face with a silk glove. XD

Gundam Gunso said...

OMG! U have got a Gundoom too! With your skills, it will be a great kit XD

seven6398 said...

may i know where can i order that MC Gundoom?.. hehe..

Danielle Lim said...

I can't believe you found a Wagtail lying around a typical bookstore Eva...NAIS GETTO! Have the GM(C)?

Evaritus Lau said...

Nope, going to sell this back to other who owns the GM(C).

Danielle Lim said...

Eh, don't :D It's a nice add-on for the GM(C) bah ^^'

Don't have the GM(C), buy la XD

Tom said...

Nice loot with the Wagtail and the Gundoom. :)