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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Try mod Unicorn [Legs]

Hokay, I was reading the same articles from hobbyfanatics.com regarding modding Unicorn's posable. So today i tried on legs.

Accidentally sand off the tip, what to do, just keep sand 'til even liao..>.<

The easiest for me to work on, just need to cut small bit on both side, up & down.

Now, the scariest part I've work on,
almost snap into 2 pieces, lucky did it slowly & gently, like caring my gf..heh.

Another side less risk but still scary to work on,

Un-mod leg, this is why I did the mod, armor keep prevent it to pose more.

Modded leg. See the tip was into the armor already? Looks like it worked like a charm.


MyKy said...

Wow.. Nice.... So now can pose more la?

danielmer said...

as one gundam model maker to another that mod looks great. would you like to exchange linking?

just comment me back with an answer

Evaritus Lau said...


em..?exchange linking..?means..?
Sorry I'm still newbie on mod gunpla though..simply fill out my bored with limited pose on Unicorn..^^

gordon said...

i think danielmer means exchange blog links under your blogroll. ^^;