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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

A comeback post with LBX

A long hiatus....

Cut long story short, working in the new environment really kills the time to do blogging, all thanks to the simplify of Facebook. Anyway, I'm going to slow down on gunpla & headed to others instead; LBX.

At 1st, I'd admit, it's not that quite appealing in the beginning, because of the grunt unit is like....weirdo type, after awhile, yeah, started to get the heat. Not to mention there's alot of LBX is a monoeye type, being bad units. Ok, not going to rant more, I've post up the recent WIP I did on a LBX called Vector.

Well, Vector is by far, a very fresh look of unit I ever saw, those organic feels, ya know ?
The boxart, meany design. 
To find out more about this unit, head to its wikia page.

Can't help to think about installing a LED into the head unit, I mean, there's hole for you  to put 1 here.
Testing the said head unit if there's a LED inside. MEAN ~~
Half way build process, very easy to build, some friend said that joint is much stiffer than the 1st season's kit, which is good for people whom like to pose this kit alot.
The finished build + seamline removed. Gosh it really does that menace look now.
Deciding color to use.

Parts that are primed.
A quick snapfitting to see whether the joints getting jammed or not; Nope nothing happens. 
Primed also some of the green parts & the axe-like sword, but  I use the sword as testbed for the gloss black, turns out becoming semi gloss instead hahaha....
Continue airbrush the rest of the armor with suppose-gloss-black.
Again, snapfitting it test the stiffness of the joint, yes it's still moveable, not that tight. :3 
Fluorescent Yellow Green really stand out straight on top of the light gray primer, but not to the black parts, thus I've made mistake. Instead of correcting it, I improvise; Why not drybrushing it again ? So I did.
So, drybrushing using Mr.Metal Color Aluminium on top of all those fail result to get a very , 2-tone green feels.
Still, the body unit is still very visible for the 2-tone effect.
Inner frame airbrush with Fluorescent Yellow Green. Not to mention, I did it on heavy rainy night.
The finished unit minus red details that I haven't paint yet till now.

Hope I could test out install a LED into it's head, must be look awesome but the compartment is kinda small, had to think something similiar with the MCM Nightingale's LED unit.

Till next post, which........ I'm not sure when hahahaha ~


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chubbybots said...

Heh great to see you back! Thats a great looking LBX kit. I like the designs for LBX very interesting stuff.