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Saturday, January 12, 2013

A quick ranting, a nice post in 2013

Been awhile I didn't bother to post in blog.

 I blame Facebook for its simplicity. :3

Before that, Happy beLATEd New Year 2013, may Solid Snake always with us. Amen.

Ok, recently I've slowed down my gunpla hobby & focus more into real life, YES REAL LIFE IS INDEED NOT FUNNEH. >:(

nevermind, it's time to ease some tension;


Yes, it's that time again, the time where every kid had it, plays with it, until it was "vanished" thru time, but yeah, we going to make this heat again, the 4WD or Yonkuro desu. :3

So me & few of my friends hooked on the popular online store; Hobby Link Japan & found such items still exist ! Grab a few set of favorite cars though;

A GunBlaster Cusco Special w/ Atomic Dash motor(not in picture), extra rollers for the front. :3


& the Precioussssss, Desert Gollum Golem w/ Plasma Dash Motor, bearings & rollers as well.

Life is great when ya found ya inner child back haha ~



David John Shewsbury said...

New year new hobby..... so now you start playing with this motorized Tamiya kits... cool...

Agree with you about Facebook, many people stop blogging now because of Facebook, they become lazy as Facebook make it easier to share "things"... I guess that how it is nowadays, people want it easier and fast....

As long as Google/Blogger is still available, I will use it, when someday they "close shop" - then and only then I will quit blogging for good...

eehtsitna said...

Dude! This wont do if you dont have a race track! I have a few of these lying around but i doubt the motor still works though. :P

Will bring it over to KK if you guys got the track. :P

Evaritus Lau said...


Yeah, even easier to share links of JAV as well in JAV. :3


We do have the tracks, but cannot run in there due to the fact that our car too fast, it flew over & over & over.....Just bring it on the shop. :3