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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Group Build - Zeydra - Quick OOB + Seamline Removed

The annoying part finally over, phew ~

Manage to seamline removal to all split parts, from body to legs, in 1 whole day.

Complete OOB, no touch up yet.

Compared with mah' A2 w/ new shoes.

Alot of cement spill incident to these area...if ya notice on the right one.

Good thing was that, Tamiya Extra Thin helps fill in the seamline much faster than using Cement Deluxe. I LIEK. It easily creates the excess for to cut & sand.

More cement spill galore.

Excess cement = success seamline removal. =)

Notice to spot of cement on the body ? That still need to seamline remove, I still can feel the line with my nail, back to the scratch again.
Done sand all parts.

Ze Rider w/ Ego. 3:)

Clean is NAIS ~

Whoopss, another cement spot = require re-sand again.

Quote the Hunter in L4D; Same pose, differ creature. 3:)

Honestly, I can't think of any pose of this guy yet, except for the final Kick with A2 later on.

Straight is STRAIGHT. Hahah ~


Zoidiect Archaea said...

Clean nice seam removal as usual bro :D

Snce i am painting mine, need some head cracking to seal the upper arm one, why the just dont make it into one single piece

Damn, i missed sanding already >_<

Tsukinari said...

already done sanding owo.. me stil far away >_<

nice job on the seamlines removal ^^

@ZD - for me I just cut the peg and make it can slide insert the joint part ..

Evaritus Lau said...

@ZD & Tsuki,

Because my 1st inspection I see alot of potential seam line visible, & it's mecha-ugly like that, die die must remove seamline 1st, the rest later can decide, now after some more sanding process, gotta prime it & re-paint. =)

chubbybots said...

There tons of seamlines man lol...I still haven't finished sanding!!!

Evaritus Lau said...


Well, have fun removing the seamlines. =) Will be real quick & handy to have Tamiya extra thin though.