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Sunday, September 30, 2012

The long journey with Saber-san

A quick recap of what's happening for my long absent. Hahaha...^^"

Beware for massive photo loading, view with caution, or get better internet speed haha.

So yeah ok, some of my reader already knew about this; I just acquired an airbrush set, though it's just small 15PSI no tank compressor, it's still a good start for me before going for the better, compressor with tank.

Ok, I've been wanted to try this on kit, but wait, most of my kit is half done, nevermind, though I didn't wanted to, but I did, tried on Kotobukiya's Saber-san.

As you see, this is Star Bright Iron. :3

Left is polished with Tamiya Compound Finish, while right is no polish.

Move along. :|

Work table at the shop. No not my shop, the hobby shop.

Like one of fellow modeller taught me, Gloss Black > Polish for better glossy effect.

On progress, part separating for easier airbrushing job.

I admit, I can't stop glaring at how shiny the armor was.

Limbs, body & legs, snapfitted for the last time before seam line removal commence.

Been bored while waiting the parts is cured after a series of thin cement is applied, so, Compound Finish again. :3

& also here.

Though, it's not shine enough is it ?

All Star Bright Iron parts has been polished.

Few days later.....

Not a good weather, though it still warm. 

A mixture of Cobalt Blue & a few drops of Metallic Blue. The result is quite stuns me.

Expensive mixture; Mr. Crystal Color Sapphire Blue + Amethyst Purple. Coated with Super Clear matt.


I give myself a good applause on this. Didn't thought that I can make it like this.

A quick photo-whoring for proceed to the next progress.

As you can see, airbrushed the gold with Gaia Bright Gold.

& my masking skill is rusted, if you can see where was it.

I like this expression. :3

Oh yeah, the Excalibur is using a mixture of Sapphire Blue & Cobalt Blue. Yes, the masking skill is bad on here as well.

That Shiny Armor again ~~~

Yes, this kit I haven't finish it yet, left the decal progress, will post up when all is done & gloss coat it.



Zoidiect Archaea said...

congrats on leveling up :D

and man, that's pretty good for the first airbrushed kit! looking forward to more!

sl619 said...

Your not the only 1 that has gone away for long. haha! high 5 man.
Really like the gun metal on the armor.