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Sunday, July 15, 2012

WIP HGUC 1/144 GM Striker #3

This post is more focus on finished OOB kit.

The shoulder piece.

Just cement it on the shoulder haha.
Looks good & neat now.


Adding a realistic barrel holes on the gun.

All the parts are primed for the Character Yellow color area. Masking is a hard job.

Done, now posing with the spear.
Now this is one handsome looking GM I ever built til date.

Backpack, the only side-thruster that require Character Yellow  paint again haha...

Too bad I missed out 1 more, the black part on the legs.  Checked in the manual, it seems that  I need to paint Green on a area.

More hand painting job on the next, final(perhaps haha..) WIP.



rvieR said...

Hi, I am from Sabah too. I would like to know more about hand painting.

1. What kind of brushes you use?
2. enamel paint or tamiya?
3. what is the mixing ratio between the paint & solvent?
4. do i need to prime before i paint?

Thank you.

or you can e-mail me tracytat93@gmail.com

rvieR said...
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