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Monday, August 1, 2011

It's the beginning of August now.

It's August, to all my fellow muslim friend, ganbare with puasa. =)
Ok, 1st up. A typo.

HUH !?

So, wait for this quite some time already.

Loots of the month, RG Strike & Saber-San GETTO !

& now, a story that haz odd ending.

Indeed, it haz handsome pack. Heh.

No, you don't need that Mr.Moustache. You got Moonlight Butterfly remember ?

Cut the crap, you just a Revoltech.

Speechless eh Mr."I am Gundam" ?

OI OI OI, stop look at it pervert.

& yeah, finally............

Self-mentioned. =)

Priceless moments in the elevator scene.

Somebody is ticked off. LoLz.

What ? What's what ?

Errr.....problemo ?


Meanwhile, somewhere around my stash................

Oho, these nasty punks haz something on their sleeves.
TO BE CONTINUED..................



Anonymous said...

Oh my... You too have Sazabi AND Sinanju HGUCs, and something up their "sleeves". Nice pun. XD

Anonymous said...

nice~~~ get more HG. hehehe.

Khaidir said...

where's the white part on the mG Strike Rouge? (for the hands XD_ I WANT HG and MG SAZABI >,< "

Tom said...

Lolz @ Sinanju and Sazabi. BTW, why's the Strike's hand look different?

Danielle Lim said...

OMG Revoltech Shin Getter and Turn A is teh' LOL!!

August suda, makin lama makin dekat SPM >.>"

ZoiDieCT ArchAeA said...

party crap? i want some :D

and yeah, what's up in their sleeves? beam sabers!