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Monday, May 23, 2011

WIP SD Sinanju - I Mad along with Red. =)

No no, nothing happened, just that I finish hand painted it with Mr.Color Red madder with 2 hours straight + inhaling bit by bit the fumes of thinner...Oh gawd..lifespan shorten...
The moment I start paints it, I know that, I can't stop 'til all parts are painted. So, yeah, this is the result.

After the previous attempt, I try pour more thinner than usual, ratio like 2:5 just to make it watery enough to cover wider area in short amount of time, well, I'm using Leveling Thinner so, no problemo. =)

Top : NAIS, EPIC. Below : Boo. =X

Only some parts is shiny enough. Blame me for keep changing between Leveling Thinner & normal hobby thinner.

It's intended, 'Coz going to change to white with Star Bright Duralumin. Hopes the metallic will shines ~

Even my Unicorn normal mode demands some touch up. An angry horse spotted. ^^"



Anonymous said...

Boy, the red is really... RED. Brightly burning red, and glossy, too.

Ah, your infamous elevator shot. XD

TK401,TK402,TK221 & TK333: AIIIIIIIR~!

Gundam Gunso said...

The red looks good. Looking at it really makes me one to get 1 for myself too. XD