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Sunday, June 27, 2010

Things I get for today.

No kits really hook me up, instead I just go get some paints, decal & another set of paint tray. =)

Yes, decal's aren't original, but hey, it's for Hrairoo ! There's no way I'ma stick that huge clear stickers !


Things I buy. Finally get a clear red paint. Sweet ~


Temporary operation table. =) Nothing beats a nice warm tea to drink ~


Gao Gao Model logo, orz... Anything else, it's the same with the clear stickers. ^^"


Once you get used cutting decals from Hobbies Corner or Sam's, can't really get off by it..^^"


A small drop of setter & softer, quite satisfy for a cheap decals, waterslide some more. >=D

Now, my Hrairoo shall revived again ~



mangyver5223 said...

TT Hongli have decal also? how much? :)

Evaritus Lau said...

It's Gaogao decals bro. I got mine for RM15.9 though, almost to the original Bandai's decal price. >.>

Eh, already at Uni ?

Anonymous said...

hi there, may i ask where did u buy all those paints, decal and set of paint tray? is it in KK?