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Monday, June 7, 2010

Random taking pictures.

Ok can't wait for the day to test out this new cam ~

But still don't have the sense of photography..haha...mind me..^^"

I try what this cam do best, super-zooming.

While randomly taking pictures...

I see a cloud-dog ! Or is it a wolf-cloud ?

Even far away & foggy because of gonna rain soon, this cam still can catch the barely seen of the hill. Great !

Haha...front yard is very, very....duh. I won't say anything bad about my place anyway.^^" But, the white car indeed drive kinda fast like 60km/h but I still can capture it without any blurs on it...O.O. Now I feel the power both Aperture & Shutter Priority ~

Rain drop can be seen very clear enough. ^^

Wanna take some pictures of birds around me, but seems like every birds is dodging me cam's lens. Darn.

I think my finger reflex is slow since this Lonchura leucogastra or Paddy Pipit did look at me for few seconds...I need to work on my reflexes to take picture fast now.

Well, next time gonna take pics around my hometown, Papar.


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