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Monday, June 14, 2010

Practising my FZ35

Well, as I would say always, I'm still not get used on this super zoom camera. ^^"

But yeah, practice makes perfect. So let's see I manage to get better pictures.

Pictures taken around my home's yard. Mind that no nice view here.. Might try find a day to take scenery pics around me, I mean a better scenery pics.


Here, I found a cup filled with water and spotted some dirt inside it, let see if I could zoom it in for a better look...


It comes out very detail indeed !


Here we have a lil' chick running away from my camera's lens. I've been using Aperture Priority the whole time since the picture taken in this mode is very good for my liking. Still haven't go try the Shutter Priority or the Manual Exposure yet, but soon gotta try it out. =)


Uh oh, zoomed the wrong target...darn the branches..


Every time I aim on birds, none of them is watching at me..T~T

Oh well, I'm still a beginner after all, there's a long way to go.


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