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Monday, June 7, 2010

MG RF - Weapons.

Well, kinda forgot to take some pics while in the process though...gomen nee...>.<" Anyway, thanks to this 3 tools that makes me work very fast (slow)..^^"
So yeah, forgot again & I've already finish the blades of Tactical Arm minus panel line yet.

Did some rough sanding with a file for quick removal nubs, which later sand off again with sand papers for smoother finish.

Of all parts, only panel lined this parts... Kinda rushing work haha... ^^"

Few hours later...

Yes again, I forgot taking progress pics...>.<;

But now we have the katanas ! Minus the Tactical Arm 2nd Lowe...(Boo...)

What ya expect, thin parts. Can ya see see whiterish on the holder ? Yeah, an accident occur & I was like...OMFG !!
Need a way to hide such hideous & fugly whiterish...

But fascinated by how bling2 the gold was ~ Good thing I gave a nice gloss black followed by gold. Result is very promising !

Moar gold bling2 on the hilt ~ I can only say Fwah ~

Anyone experienced the plated parts stuck inside there ? had to sand & left 2 fugly black dots on both side, on both katana... Never expecting this to come...=.="

But now my RF is complete yay ! Minus the Action base #2 of course. ^^"


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