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Friday, June 4, 2010

MG RF - Decal-ling Part 1

Before we head to the main topic, I need to do this 1st. Painting the 2 lil' button-like with red gundam marker. ^^" Foil sticker won't do the trick here.

OK let the paint dry 1st.

Let's decal-ling !

When I take out the custom made decal from Hobbies Corner, I notice something...the whole sheet is need to cut manually ! Alamak...

See that decal got some leftover ? Can't cut well with scissors, but if use penknife later can't use tweezer to hold it 'coz the sheet is decal !

But it works like a charm on white parts. =) Those decal slides in so easily after add some Setter before slides the decal in.

Won't look this perfect if use Dry Transfer decal instead..^^"

So the tough areas has been completed, I also do a few areas that I see appropriate such as Junk Guild's logo at the left shoulder. hate those lines with "Kai" on it..my RF isn't chicken man.

This kind of decal is tough, hardly tear off what so over. That's a +1 point to it. ^^ Putting softer still haven't manage to melt it fully. Ops mind the clear stickers on the chest haha....^^"

Another area that I find appropriate is at the mid chest. Those white decal is just what I need here.

1 word = tough job. Abit de-moralize since the decal wasn't pre-split or something. Huh what to do, local hobby store took quite a while to restock decals.. Anyway I just gotta be happy with this 1st.

Stay tune.


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